U of T Sports Conference

By Monique Phillips & Sonia El Boury

The University of Toronto’s Sports and Business Association hosted their fourth annual conference on March 6. The conference featured industry professionals including: Justine Fedak, the senior vice-president and head of brand for BMO, Scott Moore, president of Sportsnet, and Ken Otto, chief operating officer at Cara Operations. Each professional had the opportunity to talk to the audience, inspiring conversations and discussions, highlighting their experiences and offering insight for a career in the sports industry. Here’s a highlight of what each speaker had to say:

“The competition is different now. We are all held to a much higher standard and all of the assets have to work much harder.”

-Justine Fedak

“The fan demands a level of integration they never got to before

They want the message to be integrated in the things they consume and enjoy”

-Ken Otto

“Social media has changed things. Nothing else is even close to sports — the way to get your corporate message out to people who are totally engaged, and passionate about it… It’s got to be about how we engage with the brand through social. Building your brand through association and your audience.”

-Scott Moore

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