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A family photo before the separation

I’m a child of divorce — and happy about it

I have one distinct memory of my dad before the separation. It was the middle of the night and the lights were on downstairs. This could only mean one thing: my dad was up. It was during the week, so any sighting of my father was rare. My dad was getting a glass of water. I did the same, just […]

First-year fashion design student Sarah Spooner is currently enrolled in Ben Barry’s fashion class.  (Kyla Dewar/Ryersonian Staff)

Diversifying fashion, one selfie at a time

Snap, crop, filter, hashtag, post. Basic steps to posting a selfie. But in Ben Barry’s fashion theory and concepts class, taking a selfie has only two steps: snap and post. As an assignment for class, Barry challenged his students to take a selfie and post it on Twitter or Instagram — without a filter or pose. Students had to post […]

Served frothy and sloppy: Canadian Starbucks gets alcohol

Served frothy and sloppy: Canadian Starbucks gets alcohol

By the end of 2015, alcoholic beverages will be available at Starbucks, providing a whole new meaning to its complimentary “birthday drinks.” I know I’ll be in line for my free Venti, extra whip, orange Frappuccino — with a triple vodka shot. Starbucks Canada president, Rossan Williams, announced the expansion earlier this month. But she hasn’t announced how they will […]

by Brittany Goldfield Rodrigues· · Opinion
The Viva bus — Richmond Hill's somewhat efficient bus system. (Courtesy Wikimedia Commons)

A compilation of everything that has gone wrong while riding the TTC

When you commute in this city, almost every day presents a fresh version of hell. Trekking from home to school and back again means having to navigate pretty much every obstacle the public transit experience can throw at you. The best part is it’s never —EVER — anything you can really prepare for. So you just go along with it, giving […]

by Brittany Goldfield Rodrigues· · Opinion, Voices
Uniqlo's flagship store in New York City.  (Courtesy InSapphoWeTrust, Flickr)

Ryerson profs dish on Uniqlo’s Canadian expansion

Concerns about Uniqlo’s entry into the Canadian retail market following Target’s massive failure are misplaced, according to fashion and business professors at Ryerson University. The Japanese retailer will be opening two flagship stores in Toronto—one in the Toronto Eaton Centre and another in Yorkdale Shopping Centre. “There’s already a lot of comparisons being drawn between Target and Uniqlo and I […]

by Brittany Goldfield Rodrigues· · News
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