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Deepika Shewaramani says the term "whitewashed" belittles someones struggles and experiences. (Sam Crisp/Ryersonian Staff)

Stop calling people whitewashed

There are certain times when it’s appropriate to use the term whitewashed — when referring to Hollywood’s casting or mainstream media representation, for example. But using it for a person of colour, thinking they’re acting “too white,” is definitely not one of those times. This month a friend was introducing me to someone who later asked what my ethnicity is. […]

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Students lose meal plan leftovers, not due to Revenue Canada’s rules

Students lose meal plan leftovers, not due to Revenue Canada’s rules

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) may not be to blame for Ryerson’s non-refundable and non-transferable meal plans after all. Ryerson’s meal plan funds are tax-free and must be used at cafeterias and coffee shops on campus within one academic year, as the university does not allow them to carry forward or be refunded. John Corallo, director of Ryerson’s business services, […]

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Deepika Shewaramani / Ryersonian Staff

Students hungry for change in Ryerson’s meal plan

More than 250 Ryerson students have signed a petition urging reform of the university’s meal plan policies. The petition, started on March 25, says Ryerson’s OneCard and meal plan policies need to change because they force students into plans they can’t afford. UPDATE: University makes way for meal plan refunds Jonathan DaCosta, a first-year business management student, started the […]

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ServiceHub will merge Ryerson services into one space

ServiceHub will merge Ryerson services into one space

  Ryerson University students frustrated by lengthy lineups at the financial services office won’t be waiting much longer. Before the fall 2015 semester begins, the university hopes to unveil the ServiceHub, a new area that unites all of the services provided by the Office of the Registrar (RO). The RO provides most of Ryerson’s student administrative services, such as tuition […]

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Staying true to a collective, Wolf Manor Theatre works to break traditional molds

Staying true to a collective, Wolf Manor Theatre works to break traditional molds

Performance-acting student Dylan Brenton sat in a guest lecture at Ryerson Theatre School, listening to Canadian actor Philip Akin talk about starting a production company to create change in Toronto’s theatre community. That same day in October 2013, Brenton created a Facebook page for his own production team, the Wolf Manor Theatre Collective. Today, the page has almost 600 likes. […]

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Linh Nguyen says she was impressed with student engagement during the RSU election and hopes that it will carry on to October's federal election. (Courtesy of Deepika Shewaramani/Ryersonian Staff)

Ryerson economics student hopes to be Green Party MP

Linh Nguyen has tattoos, piercings and is only 27, but the fourth-year Ryerson economics student wants to be Mississauga’s next member of Parliament. Nguyen is the Green party’s MP candidate for the Mississauga East-Cooksville riding for October’s federal election. If elected, she says she hopes to keep a very grassroots, community-driven voice in politics. “It’s so important for me to […]

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(Jenn Yoo / Ryersonian Staff)

Ryerson still waiting for free access to Microsoft program

Ryerson University students hoping to download free Microsoft Office products will have to wait until legal issues are resolved. Microsoft initially estimated that Ryerson students would have free access to Office 365 ProPlus, the entire Office suite, last December but implementing the program hasn’t been so simple. “What Microsoft is offering comes with other applications, like a cloud service, and […]

A file photo from a TTC subway station. (Courtesy of Ryersonian Staff)

Students petition TTC to drop student ID card

More than 6,500 students across the GTA have signed a petition to urge the TTC to drop the post-­secondary student ID card. Jordana Schiralli, a third -year psychology student at the University of Toronto, started the online petition on Feb. 24 after she was kicked off a bus for not showing the card. “I was forced to go back into […]

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The Vessels app will allow the user to take a narrated virtual tour of the cardiovascular system, and give them a close-up look inside models of the human heart, veins, arteries and capillaries.
(Deepika Shewaramani/ Ryersonian Staff)

Ryerson students develop ‘Magic School Bus’ app

A group of fourth-year Ryerson University students is bringing The Magic School Bus to life by developing Canada’s first virtual, curriculum-based field trip. Vessels VR is an immersive virtual reality application that will explore the blood vessels in the human body. It completely surrounds its users with a 3-D computer-generated world to step into. The Vessels app will allow the […]

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