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RSU executive members Harman Singh,  Obaid Ullah, Andrea Bartlett, Rabia Idrees and Cormac McGee. Photo illustration courtesy The Ryersonian.

RSU 2015-16: A year in review

On May 1, the majority of the current Ryerson Students’ Union (RSU) executive committee will relinquish their roles and a new group of executives will take their place. With their terms coming to an end, The Ryersonian is taking a look at what issues the students’ union executives addressed this year and what their legacy will look like.

(Ryersonian Staff)

Men’s issues group takes RSU to court

The Ryerson Students’ Union (RSU) is in legal trouble again. On April 8, two of the executive members from the men’s issues group that was denied student group status in October asked a court to overturn the RSU’s decision. The application is seeking to ask a judge to declare the RSU’s decision void, and to direct the RSU to grant […]

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Student exec Dan Petz and RSU vice-president equity, Rabia Idrees spoke to The Ryersonian  about the place of safe spaces on campus.

Safe spaces debate: where do they fit at Ryerson?

The Ryersonian sat down with the RSU’s vice-president equity, Rabia Idrees, and Dan Petz, a member of the Ryerson Marketing Association and staunch opponent of campus safe spaces, to talk about safe spaces and what they should look like on our campus.

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Finance Minister Bill Morneau at Ryerson on April 8 for a town hall on economic growth and funding for post-secondary education.

Finance Minister Bill Morneau speaks at Ryerson

Finance Minister Bill Morneau praised Ryerson’s DMZ as an example of the future of Canada’s economy when he visited the school Friday. “The DMZ here at Ryerson (is among) places where our economy is particularly effective in creating new ventures, creating new jobs and exciting new opportunities with new technologies,” Morneau said during a town hall session at the George Vari […]

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EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Toronto Star’s lead investigator in the Panama Papers story

EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Toronto Star’s lead investigator in the Panama Papers story

Robert Cribb, the Toronto Star’s lead investigator for the Panama Papers series and Ryerson journalism instructor, stopped in to The Ryersonian’s newsroom to explain what has happened in the investigation so far.

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Ryerson campus (Ryersonian file photo)

Gun scare on campus

After a gun was allegedly pulled on campus last week, questions have been raised about how Ryerson security should warn students of such incidents. According to Tanya Poppleton, manager of security and emergency services, an unknown male approached a group of Ryerson community members at Gould and Victoria streets early in the morning on March 31. He pointed “what appeared […]

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Ryersonian Staff

Hacker prints hate-related flyers across campus

Anti-Semitic and homophobic posters were printed around Ryerson’s campus this week after a hacker broke into the school’s system.

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(Courtesy Ryerson Marketing Association)

Marketing course union exec causes controversy over Rye’s safe space policy

A Facebook status posted by a Ryerson student union executive regarding safe spaces on campus has caused controversy online.

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(Courtesy Ryerson University)

Rye prof calls RSU poster policies ‘unacceptable’

Ryerson distinguished visiting professor and the director for the school’s Centre for Free Expression, James L. Turk, spoke to The Ryersonian about the student union’s problematic poster policies.

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Participant at the International Women's Day march in Toronto on Saturday, March 5, 2016.

Ryerson at International Women’s Day March

Ryerson’s Centre for Women and Trans People co-hosted a rally and march on Saturday for International Women’s Day: Toronto 2016, and we tagged along. Here is a glimpse into what the day looked like.

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(Dylan Bell/Ryersonian Staff)

Poster problems plagued RSU elections

The controversial posters put up on campus last week have brought to light serious issues with the RSU’s poster approval policies.

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(Peter Goffin/Ryersonian Staff)

Ryerson Student Union poster problems

Contentious posters critical of the RSU executives’ decision to fire an employee on maternity leave were put up around campus and swiftly torn down earlier this week.

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(Dylan Bell/Ryersonian Staff)

Rally, march highlight women’s issues

In a packed auditorium on the Saturday before International Women’s Day (IWD), Judy Vashti Persad, a member of the IWD organizing committee, let out a rallying cry to the hundreds who had gathered to kick off the festivities with a city wide march. “Let us go onto the streets knowing our power, knowing the history of our footsteps and make […]

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