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Getting an A in sexuality

Getting an A in sexuality

Sex is the most uninteresting activity in the world. For me, sex is an annoyance. A mix of awkward moaning, gross bodily fluids and a lot of time I could be spending doing something more productive. In short, I’d just rather not. Asexuality was not something I even knew about in high school. For me the word “asexual” began and […]

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The University of Ottawa was embroiled in scandal last year after two high-profile sexual assault investigations. (Courtesy Wikimedia Commons)

University of Ottawa to implement new sexual assault policies

University of Ottawa’s president says he will be implementing measures to improve the school’s response to sexual harassment and violence. A task force recommended that the university begin mandatory training for all senior administration on causes and solutions to sexual violence as well as prevention and response training for athletes, coaches, new faculty and residence overseers. The University of Ottawa […]

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(Shannon Baldwin/The Ryersonian)

You can’t get paid for everything; deal with it

It seems like kids are rewarded for everything nowadays. They deserve the new iPhone the day it comes out. They deserve to be famous on the Internet, just because they have an Instagram account. These kids deserve medals, even if they don’t win the game. Studies show that kids who think they deserve to always get what they want will […]

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Ryersonian file photo.

Ryerson bookstore textbook return policy slammed

If you bought a textbook from the Ryerson bookstore and no longer need it, don’t expect to receive a refund. Retail management student Mat Catangui learned this lesson the hard way after purchasing his textbook only to find a used copy at a fraction of the price the next day. He returned to the bookstore, and instead of being reimbursed […]

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Leslie Roberts has resigned from his position with Global TV Toronto since the scandal (Courtesy Pete Morawski, Wikimedia)

Canadian journalism face-to-face with conflict of interest issues

Canadian journalism has become a strange place: sex scandals, secret businesses and Kevin O’Leary becoming the less controversial half of the former show Lang and O’Leary Exchange. After the disturbing allegations against Jian Ghomeshi surfaced late last year, no one expected another journalist to outshine his scandals, and no one has. But some sure are creating scandals of their own. […]

by Erin Petrow· · Editorial, Opinion
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