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Canadian band Hedley in 2008. Wikimedia Commons.

Separating the artist from the art

I have something embarrassing to confess: I used to be a Hedley fan. Or maybe not exactly a fan, but at the very least, an active listener. It was back in middle school, but it still happened. I turned the volume up when I heard them on the radio. I memorized the lyrics to some of their songs. I may […]

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Graphic by Janine Maral Tascioglu

It’s a match!

Alexandar Cheah and Jenn Lee’s first date was dinner and a movie. Sydney Wong and Matthaus Vasquez’s was dinner and drinks. Alison and David (whose names have been changed for privacy) went to the aquarium and had a coffee. In all scenarios, these happy couples have followed well-established rituals of most happy couples before them — meeting, getting to know […]

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