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Stranger Things season 2 posters: Courtesy of Netflix

Stranger things are happening on the TTC

A new advertising campaign is making Stranger Things fans on the TTC do a double take.

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Proponents of the proposed bill say that it will help to increase safety by decreasing the number of distracted pedestrians. (Photo by Isabella Perrone)

New bill could be costly for ‘zombie’ walkers

A new bill would ban pedestrians from using a cellphone while crossing the street.

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Halloween costumes often draw from harmful cultural stereotypes. (Photo by Isabella Perrone)

Course unions take a stand against culturally offensive Halloween costumes

With Halloween approaching, Ryerson student groups and course unions are preparing to deal with costumes that offend, rather than scare.

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MOVIE MONDAY: “Suburbicon”

MOVIE MONDAY: “Suburbicon”

George Clooney flexes his directorial muscles once again with Suburbicon, a thriller set in an idealistic 1950s community.

The film opens with a community’s less-than-happy discovery of a black family, the Mayers, moving in. From there, the movie takes off with a story that poses twists in nearly every scene.

MOVIE MONDAY: “The Snowman”

MOVIE MONDAY: “The Snowman”

Trailers aren’t always the best way to judge a film.

I’ve learned this the hard way with several films before (I’m looking at you, Suicide Squad), but it still hurts every time. The Snowman is the latest film to take the olive branch I extended and snap it in half.

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