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in[sid]out showcases interior design

in[sid]out showcases interior design

With the school year almost at an end, Ryerson’s interior design students will finally have a moment to display the product of all of their hard work. The year-end show, a three-day event titled in[sid]out (“inside out”), will be held at the Ryerson school of interior design (RSID) on April 24 and will display the creativity and vision of design […]

Suit Up For Success event dresses students for free

Suit Up For Success event dresses students for free

Ryerson initiative “Suit Up For Success” (SUFS) held its first major event on April 2 at the POD. Students across campus were given gently used professional clothing for free. Rudhra Persad, co-founder of the initiative, said he was pleased with the success of the event. “It went really well. I always hope for more people to come, but we’ve had over […]

Toronto Life, the Walrus and Canadian Geographic have all shut down their unpaid internships. (Leslie Walker / Ryersonian Staff)

Provincial blitz puts unpaid internships in jeopardy

Unpaid magazine internships in Ontario have been shut down as a result of a ministry crackdown, which will continue throughout the month. The Ontario Ministry of Labour inspected Toronto Life and The Walrus last week and told the magazines their unpaid internship programs failed to meet the Employment Standards Act (ESA). Both magazines shut down their programs Friday and the […]

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Suiting up for free

The stress of finding employment post-graduation is only amplified by trying to figure out what to wear to your job interviews. Looking to relieve students of their worries is “Suit Up For Success” (SUFS), a volunteer initiative offering Ryerson students donated clothing and the chance to “suit up” for free. Launched last year by Ryerson students Rudhra Persad and Shauna […]

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Toronto Life and the Walrus will be ending their unpaid internship programs this week. (Leslie Walker / The Ryersonian)

Ministry of Labour shuts down unpaid magazine internships

Journalists aspiring to work in the magazine industry are in for a halt on unpaid internships. Magazines across Ontario may soon be forced to shut down their unpaid internships indefinitely due to an Ontario Ministry of Labour “blitz” that is investigating internship employment standards. “The Ministry of Labour will be launching an enforcement blitz this spring focused specifically on internships across […]

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New OLG lottery game may pose a problem for millennials, experts say

The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corp. announced that inter-provincial agencies are looking to create a new lottery game aimed at appealing to a younger demographic. Experts say this could be detrimental to the millennial generation. A Ryersonian article from October 2013 explained that “young adults between the ages of 18 and 24 are two to three times more likely to develop a […]

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The glass panels have recently been added to the outside of the Student Learning Centre. (Leslie Walker / Ryersonian Staff)

Student Learning Centre on track for 2015

The supporting structure of Ryerson’s Student Learning Centre (SLC) is nearly done and the glass panels have started to arrive. According to Ryerson, construction is on schedule and the seven-storey building should be ready to open by January 2015. The centre is located on the site of the famous Sam the Record Man, on the northeast corner of Yonge and […]

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Project Diversity creates a new sort of supermodel

Project Diversity creates a new sort of supermodel

Fashion show Project Diversity featured supermodels of a different kind: for starters, there was a variety of ethnicities, ages, shapes and sizes. The show, held on March 24, was produced by fourth-year fashion communications student Kirthiga Rajanayagam. “I wanted to bring together people who aren’t typically ‘the norm’ when it comes to fashion,” says Rajanayagam. “And what better than a […]

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Lottery corp targets younger customers

Provincial lottery agencies are trying to make the lottery appeal to a younger demographic, the Canadian Press reported today. The Interprovincial Lottery Corp. and its select agencies are grouping together to create a lottery game similar to Lotto 6/49 for people under the age of 35. The average age of lottery customers is 52 and there are only 13 per cent […]

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Marisa Moore, third-year nursing student at Ryerson University, is worried about her future job prospects (Leslie Walker/ The Ryersonian)

Ryerson supports campaign for more nurses

Ontario needs more nurses in its hospitals and Ryerson’s nursing students are prepared to meet that demand. The Ontario Nursing Association’s “More Nurses” campaign launched at the beginning of February. It’s a response to a recent decline of registered nurses (RNs) and an increase in registered practical nurses (RPNs) because of lower hospital budgets. The multimedia campaign consists of a website, […]

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The future location of the building is the Church Street Development (CSD), at 300 Church St. will focus on sustainability. (Matt Oxman / Ryersonian Staff)

New health sciences building to focus on sustainability

Ryerson’s plans for its health sciences building emphasize sustainability and aim to make it a precedent for future campus development. The sustainibility focus will happen through leadership, design and the architecture itself. Ryerson’s vice-president administration and finance, Julia Hanigsberg, said this is Ryerson’s first project to prioritize sustainability. “We’re loading a lot on this building in terms of teaching us […]

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New Voices showcases rising theatre talent

New Voices showcases rising theatre talent

The Ryerson Theatre School is hard at work on its annual year-end production, New Voices, which will run from March 25 to April 9. The fourth-year theatre students – from the performance, dance and production streams – have been working on their pieces since the beginning of the school year. While performance and dance students have been focusing on their […]

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New Voices producer Sheldon Rosen (Courtesy Ryerson Theatre School)

Q-and-A: New Voices producer Sheldon Rosen

With the Ryerson Theatre School’s annual New Voices series – showcasing dance, theatre and set design work from the program’s fourth-year students – quickly approaching on March 26, Ryersonian reporter Kelly McDowell spoke with producer Sheldon Rosen on what to expect from the show. The performance series runs until April 9. Q: What is New Voices? A: It is a variety of […]

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(Courtesy Jason Loo)

It’s a bird, it’s a plane…no it’s the Pitiful Human Lizard

Forget Batman and Superman, Toronto is getting it’s own superhero. It’s been six years in the making, but Jason Loo is finally turning his childhood passion into reality. The Pitiful Human Lizard is a comic about an ordinary man who works 9-5. But at  night the character is a savior of the city. He roams the streets of Toronto, passing Honest […]

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Tabaret Hall, University of Ottawa(Peregrine981/Wikimedia Commons)

Opinion: Sexual harassment incidents indicate high time for change

There were two separate occurrences of sexual harassment involving University of Ottawa students that I personally feel are equally disturbing. If this is truly the way that university-aged boys think, then maybe I shouldn’t feel as comfortable at school as I do. And yes, I call them boys because people who think like this shouldn’t be classified as men. To […]

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Early Childhood Education students say they are prepared to take on all-day kindergarten (Matt Oxman/Ryersonian)

Ryerson ECE grads ready for full-day kindergarten

Starting this September, all Ontario public schools will be making the switch to full-day kindergarten and graduates of the Ryerson Early Childhood Education program say they’re prepared. Director of the program and associate professor Rachel Langford says she’s proud and confident of the students. “Our program always represented the best in the early year’s curriculum,” said Rachel Langford, director of Ryerson’s Early Childhood […]

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Dance review: Choreographic Works

Dance review: Choreographic Works

The two men look at each other in pain – first leaning in, then pushing away resiliently. Their ribs seem to almost puncture their skin while performing intricate movements in sync. They are fighting then reconciling, like brothers, friends or lovers. In the audience, everyone is staring at the stage, enraptured. This was the Ryerson Theatre School’s March 7 debut […]

Kelly McDowell is in her fourth year of Journalism at Ryerson University.

Last fee is the last straw for graduates

Here I am, halfway through my last semester of university. I need to apply for graduation and I think, “Well that must mean they actually expect me to make it to convocation, that’s a good sign.” I log onto RAMSS, something I do only when necessary, and click on ‘My Academics.’ I’m buzzing with excitement. I’m so close. No more […]

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Kenny Pearl is the producer of Choreographic Works 2014. This is his second year producing the show. (Ryerson Theatre School)

Choreographic Works set to return

Ryerson’s Theatre School is back at it with its annual Choreographic Works dance series. The first performance is slated for March 7 and Ryerson dance students in second, third and fourth years will showcase their original choreography work during the series. Kenny Pearl is working on his second year as producer and says he is excited about the progress he […]

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Q-and-A with Choreographic Works producer Kenny Pearl

Q-and-A with Choreographic Works producer Kenny Pearl

The Ryersonian’s Kelly McDowell sits down with Choreographic Works 2014 producer, Kenny Pearl.  Choreographic Works is Ryerson Theatre School’s largest dance extravaganza. This year, it will run every night from March 7 -15 with two dates featuring matinee performances. For tickets and show time information visit the Ryerson Theatre School’s website. Q: What is the general idea of Choreographic Works? Kenny Pearl […]

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