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Reaching beyond your zone

Reaching beyond your zone

Correction: The print version of this story incorrectly stated that Monica Jako is the director of strategic planning and partnerships in the DMZ. She is, in fact, the director of strategic planning and partnerships in the faculty of arts. The mistake has been corrected.  If a fortune teller told Barbara Lukasz, a fourth-year English student, about the year-long transformation that […]

Students at the Ted Rogers School of Management feel that
Ryerson's polytechnic past is hindering their chances of landing jobs. (Lilly Greenblatt/Ryersonian Staff)

TRSM students “undervalued” in job recruiting process

The Ryerson brand has come a long way from the insulting “Rye High” nickname. However, some students from the Ted Rogers School of Management (TRSM) believe the university’s past as a polytechnical institute may be a factor working against them when it comes to job recruiters.   Shayna Asgill, a fourth-year business management student and vice president of the Ryerson […]

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RyersonianTV covered Day 2 of the Russian Airstrikes in Syria.

Russian Airstrikes in Syria

Russian air forces attacked rebel controlled areas in Syria on Thursday. It was the second day of attacks on militant groups opposed to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

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Ryerson students in the Pitman cafeteria, one of the locations where meal plan money can be used. (Nadine Habib / Ryersonian Staff)

No more desperate measures for students stuck with leftover meal plan money

Until this year, Ryerson meal plans were non-refundable, leaving students scrambling to make reckless purchases, treat five friends to dinner or give the waiter at the Ram in the Rye a 40 per cent tip to use up leftover money. But there’s relief in sight after The Ryersonian reported that students will finally have options this year for getting unused […]

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A previous Ryersonian story that revealed that CRA was not blocking changes to the meal plan system.

Ryersonian gets results: University makes way for meal plan refunds in 2016

Ryerson University students will finally have options for receiving their leftover meal plan money this year after The Ryersonian revealed that it is possible to offer students refunds and rollovers while still abiding by Canada Revenue Agency guidelines.

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Aftermath of the earthquake that hit northern Chile.  Image courtesy of  Reuters/ Ivan Alvarado.

Earthquake devastates Northern Chile

  The death toll rises to 11 after an 8.3 magnitude earthquake struck northern Chile on Wednesday evening. The quake came five years after an 8.8 earthquake devastated the country and left more than 525 dead. Rumblings were felt across South America but massive floods, destroyed homes, and displaced infrastructure are what was left the morning after in northern Chile.  

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Boat filled with refugees capsizes off the coast of Turkey. Courtesy Reuters.

22 refugees drown off the coast of Turkey

Early on Tuesday morning, 22 Syrian refugees drowned when a boat carrying 271 people capsized off the coast of Turkey. Private news organization Dogan News Agency reported that the boat was coming from a Turkish town called Datca and set sail in hopes of reaching the Greek island of Kos. The European refugee crisis worsens day by day as more […]

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University removes “White Student Union” posters

University removes “White Student Union” posters

Posters promoting a white students’ union were seen Monday on campus and taken down by students and school officials.  The posters were spotted on the first floor of the Library Building and on various bulletin boards around campus. The group behind the posters, Students for Western Civilization, is based out of Toronto. According to its website, it seeks to “organize and advance […]

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