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Signs outside the men's rights event Ryerson held Feb. 6. (Samuel Greenfield/Ryersonian Staff)

Why Ryerson paid for security at the men’s rights event

Ryerson’s president, Sheldon Levy, said the university had decided to cover the $1,600 security fee for a controversial men’s rights event before it received criticism. “Freedom of speech is hugely important,” said Ryerson president Sheldon Levy. “If you’re gonna say something, and I like what you say, big deal. That’s not freedom of speech. It’s when you say something, and […]

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Audience members at the controversial men's rights event filled the room to the 100-person capacity. (Samuel Greenfield/Ryersonian Staff)

Men’s rights event leads to heated discussion

A controversial men’s rights event held by Ryerson on Thursday packed a campus meeting room to its 100-person capacity, and overflowed into another location where it was live-streamed to yet more viewers. But as heated as it was, if any demonstrations were planned they certainly didn’t materialize. While a few individuals challenged the event’s featured speaker during the Q-and-A after […]

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RSU presidential candidates John Scott, Roble Mohamed, and Rajean Hoilett at the debate Jan. 30. Courtesy Samuel Greenfield / Ryersonian Staff

RSU election debate lacks inspiration

If you are one of the 99.8 per cent at Ryerson you’ll want to read further. With this number I don’t mean the occupy movement. This is the percentage of the RSU’s 30,000 membership that was not present at the election debate on Wednesday – if you could even call it a debate. Four of the five RSU executive positions are […]

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Election debate postponed to Jan. 29

Election debate postponed to Jan. 29

The Ryerson Students’ Union election debate scheduled for Tuesday was postponed because of a scheduling conflict with the chief returning officer. The debate will now be held Wednesday, Jan. 29 from 12-4 p.m. This year’s chief returning officer, York University grad student Zachary Smith, could not attend the event Tuesday. “The date just had to be moved because I have […]

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(Samuel Greenfield/Ryersonian staff)

Plan unclear for Gould Street repairs

Ryerson President Sheldon Levy is promising a “great solution” to the botched paint job on Gould and Victoria streets, but it’s not clear who will repair the peeling design. “I can promise you that we’re not going to pay for second-standard jobs,” Levy said. “Now, more than that I can’t say, because we’re obviously going to have to resolve this with the […]

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