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Still from Scott Pilgrim, dir. Edgar Wright

The immaculate list of the inarguable top five best films of all time

All great things must come to an end, and unfortunately, that includes this weekly column. I’ve immensely enjoyed sharing some of my favourite films with you all over the course of these past five weeks, but now it’s time to put it all to rest with the list to end all lists. So now, I present you with the ironclad, […]

Still from (500) Days of Summer, dir. Marc Webb

Love letters to five love films

Finals are drawing near, so let’s feel some good vibes by revisiting a few of the best romantic films of the modern era. And how better to express love for love films than via cheesy love letters? 5. The Big Sick (dir. Michael Showalter, 2017) My passion for you, my newest love, burns no less strong than that for your […]

Still from Summer Wars, dir. Mamoru Hosoda

Five must-see anime films

Anime has been in the news a lot lately, between numerous big-name celebrities (including Kim Kardashian and Michael B. Jordan) professing their love for it and the huge conventions that continue to grow in size every year. Japanese animation is often snubbed the recognition it deserves in the West; hardly ever being nominated for major awards, let alone winning them, […]

Photo still from One Week dir. Michael McGowan

Five great films made and set in Canada

The 2018 Canadian Film Festival, an event dedicated to celebrating excellence in Canadian filmmaking, is being held at Scotiabank Theatre this week. In honour of the immense talent on display there, let’s take a look back at some examples of how amazing yet stunningly diverse Canadian films of years gone by heve been. Please note that in order to qualify […]

Still from This Film is Not, dir. Kirby Dick

The five best documentaries you’ve never heard of

Toronto’s very own Hot Docs Film Festival is on the horizon. In preparation of the event kicking off next month, Hot Docs has announced the entrants in its Special Presentations category: a showcase of high-profile, award-winning and star-studded documentary selections. In honour of these films, here are a few more incredible documentaries you might not have heard of. 5. Street […]

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