Courtesy Master Chef Canada.

Grad takes on MasterChef Canada

The only time Reem Ahmed remembers she’s an engineer is when her iron ring hits the pot when she’s cooking. (Iron rings are given to graduates of Canadian engineering programs in a tradition that dates back to 1922.) Born in Egypt, Ahmed graduated from the biomedical engineering program at Ryerson University in 2015 and is now a top 21 finalist […]

by Miriam Valdes Carletti· · Arts & Life, Food
Cash-strapped students face a hungry reality

Cash-strapped students face a hungry reality

It’s tough to feed the mind over a gnawing stomach. Yet, for a lot of students with financial struggles, hunger is a painful reality that strains both brain and body. Among Ryerson students, almost one in 10 experience “extreme food access issues,” according to a 2016 report from Meal Exchange, which compiled surveys from five Canadian campuses over 16 months, […]

by Swikar Oli· · Features, Food
REVIEW: Metro Vs. H Mart

REVIEW: Metro Vs. H Mart

A breakdown on which campus-area grocer is the better bang for your buck.

by Michael D'Alimonte· · Arts & Life, Food
Food hacker. (Created by Ammi Parmar)

Food hacks: how to elevate cruddy college food

You don’t need to be Guy Fieri to take your tastebuds to Flavour Town.

by Michelle McNally· · Arts & Life, Food
Apps every student should have

Apps every student should have

You spend most of your time on that little digital device that always seems to be no more than three inches away from you. Yes, your smart phone. You might be accustomed to using it for music, texting, random Google searches and of course, social media. But there are a few apps you may or may not have heard of that could make your life easier. The following list is broken down into four categories: food, transit, school and life.

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