FCAD is pioneering a faculty specific mental health pilot program rolling out this year. (Kevin John Siazon)

FCAD mental health pilot program faces delay

A lack of staff is preventing one of the Faculty of Communication and Design’s (FCAD) mental health pilot programs from rolling out as scheduled. The programs, piloted by FCAD, were announced last spring. They are focused on professional support for faculty, directing students to available mental health supports on campus and creating connections between peers. The peer-connecting program, which pairs […]

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Posters at the Ryerson counselling centre . (Jayna Rana / Ryersonian Staff)

Depression, anxiety and suicide on the rise at Canadian universities

Depression, anxiety and suicide attempts are increasing among students at Ontario colleges and universities. The rising demand for mental health services is making it hard for campuses to keep up. The new mental health statistics were released today, in a report by the Ontario University College Health Association (OUCHA). The report analyzed responses from 25,000 students gathered this spring.   […]

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A student with 17 doctor notes and other medical-policy woes

A student with 17 doctor notes and other medical-policy woes

Medical notes dominated the discussion at the first of two town hall meetings on Monday evening, which focused on academic policies that will be revised by the Academic Policy Review Committee (APRC). According to the current policy on academic consideration and appeals, a student must get their physician to fill out the Ryerson student medical certificate if they fail to submit […]

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Ryerson making strides toward inclusive food options

Ryerson making strides toward inclusive food options

It’s hard enough to maintain a healthy diet on campus, due to budget restraints and crowded schedules. But for students with religious dietary restrictions, the quest for proper nutrition is even more difficult. Although Ryerson has made efforts to accommodate students who only eat kosher or halal foods, they are still not meeting these students’ needs. “Typically, universities are secular […]

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Medicinal pot is currently legal but the Liberal government says it introduce wider legality in the spring of 2017. (Courtesy of Creative Commons)

Ryerson students not particularly jonesing for pot legalization

If you suspect that university students are especially excited about pot legalization that theory’s up in smoke. Ryerson students’ views on the legalization of marijuana align with the broader Canadian population, a new poll suggests. The survey, which was conducted by first-year journalism students, found that 37.5 per cent, or nearly four out of 10 students think marijuana should be […]

Experiment Review: #TheSoylentProject

Experiment Review: #TheSoylentProject

It’s been almost 20 days since I ended #TheSoylentProject on Wednesday March 30, 2016. If you haven’t watched the final vlog wrap-up, I do have a spoiler alert to let you know that I ended the experiment early. Simply put, I ended up getting sick and am still (yes, 20 days later still) recovering. I personally think that my body […]

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RTA doc focuses on developmental disabilities

RTA doc focuses on developmental disabilities

What was supposed to be a film that displayed the work of L’Arche, an international organization based in Toronto that works with people living with developmental disabilities, turned out to be a touching documentary about a boy. Jason Clinker, a 23-year-old who lives with a developmental disability, has become the shining star of the RTA school of media documentary, Unwritten. […]

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RyersonianTV: April 1, 2016 : OSAP Mishap Coverage, Ryersonian’s #thesoylentproject Updates, and Polar Vortex Coming Up

RyersonianTV: April 1, 2016 : OSAP Mishap Coverage, Ryersonian’s #thesoylentproject Updates, and Polar Vortex Coming Up

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For many students, the idea of landing a job is just as stress inducing as not. This is what’s known as a career identity crisis.  (Courtesy of Wikicommons)

A nine-to-five day scares millennials away

Career anxiety among Ryerson students is a growing problem.

Nursing student Betty Wang says long, unpaid placements at hospitals take a toll on students' health.

Nursing students struggle to balance unpaid hospital placements with paid jobs

Fourth-year Ryerson nursing student Kinza Malik got a pretty good idea of what it’s like to be a nurse during her clinical placement at a Toronto hospital this year. She got to do nearly everything a registered nurse does, from monitoring patients after surgery to working their grueling 12-hour shifts. The only thing she didn’t get? Paid. Nursing students must […]

Ben Canning, a third-year business management student, co-founded a company  that builds green roofs on the top of of city buildings. (Lillian Greenblatt/Ryersonian Staff)

Ryerson student planting the seeds of tomorrow

By Richa Syal A Ryerson student is planting the seeds to make rural farming attainable in Toronto’s urban landscape. Ben Canning, a third-year business management student, co-founded Farmium, a company that builds green roofs on top of city buildings. Through the use of a vertical gardening system, he is able to grow plants upward in order to save space. Canning was […]