Things to do this weekend (Dec. 2-4)

Things to do this weekend (Dec. 2-4)

It’s finally December! What better way to welcome the holiday season then by going out an exploring the wonderful events happening in the city. 1.Treasure Island Treasure Island opens tonight! You can still pick up your tickets at our box office at 345 Yonge St. or online at . . . . #TreasureIsland #RUPerformance #Ryerson #Aaarryouready #RUTreasureIsland #RyersonPirates #Performance345 A photo […]

Joyce Carpenter, the mother of Patricia Carpenter, in her home during shooting for the documentary. (Courtesy Shades of Our Sisters)

RTA project honours missing and murdered indigenous women

For their final thesis project, eight media production students came together and created Shades of Our Sisters, an installation that celebrates the lives of missing and murdered indigenous women, trans and two-spirit individuals. The project focuses on the lives of Patricia Carpenter and Sonya Cywink, two of the more than 1200 missing and murdered indigenous women. The installation is a […]

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(Courtesy Chayonika Chandra)

Things to do this weekend (Nov. 25-27)

The cold weather has finally come, but that doesn’t mean you have to be stuck indoors. Put on something to you keep you warm and go to some events happening this weekend in Toronto. 1. The iHeartRadio Jingle Ball Follow +RT for a chance to win a pair of tickets to #JingleBallNorth Nov 25 (minors require parental consent) Rules: […]

Billy Lynn (Joe Alywn) crying while hearing the national anthem. (Courtesy Sony Pictures)

Film Fridays: Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk review

Ang Lee has created an honest film about what the realities of war are and what the media perceives them to be. Billy Lynn (Joe Alywn) and his fellow soldiers have come back home to America for a victory tour. This comes after Lynn’s team, Bravo, are caught on camera in a harrowing battle in Iraq. Yet, the young soldier […]

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Things to do this weekend (Nov. 18-20)

It’s been a long week at school, so you should go out and enjoy yourself. It’s just over a month away from Christmas and that means this is the weekend the city kicks off some holiday events. 1. The Distillery Christmas Market Here are 5 reasons why you should visit the @TOXmasMkt this holiday season — Live2UToronto (@live2utoronto) November […]

Mary Gyulay is the inspiration behind the film VIABLE. (Courtesy Melissa Scicluna)

Q-and-A: Rye grad and ‘VIABLE’ director talks MS

In the summer of 2014, Mary Gyulay was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, and at the age of 22 her life changed forever. Her journey inspired the story behind the short film VIABLE, which she directed and co-wrote. Gyulay is an RTA graduate who initially created this short film with her team of RTA grads for their course practicum. The film was […]

(Courtesy Marvel Website)

Film Fridays: Doctor Strange review

It seems that Marvel has figured out what the movie-going audience wants and delivers it to the silver screen. This is no different with Doctor Strange. It was once said that the comic was the only one that wouldn’t work on screen. Well, somehow Marvel has made it work in very strange, pun intended, and unique ways. The film follows […]

(Courtesy Hacksaw Ridge movie website)

Film Fridays: Hacksaw Ridge review

War is a big topic on the news all around the world. The subject is never a positive one and has an impact not only on the people directly involved, but on the world as a whole. People are seeking refuge, being taken away from their families, and soldiers and innocent civilians are dying everyday. So in the world that we […]

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Film Fridays: Moonlight review

The Toronto International Film Festival’s 2016 indie-hit is now ready to have its big weekend release. Moonlight follows an African-American male, named Chiron, from his childhood to adulthood. It takes place in three acts. The first when he’s a child, the second as a teenager, and the third as the man he’s become. As a child living in a poor […]

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Get spooky and spirited: Halloween films featuring previous Ryerson students

Halloween is only a couple of days away, which means everyone is looking for a scary movie to get them in the spirit. For students, heading to the cinema is costly. So why not cozy up with your computer and watch a former Ryerson student act in a horror film? It will make you scared, save you money and see […]

(Courtesy Bianca Scarlato)

Students to Watch: RTA photographer achieves Instagram fame

Fourth-year media production student Bianca Scarlato saw herself in front of the camera as an actor and singer before she fell into the online world of Instagram. The fourth-year RTA student had Broadway aspirations, but now she has become a sought-after Toronto photographer. She entered the realm of professional photography just over two years ago. Her career reached another level […]

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How should journalists approach inclusive pronouns?

How should journalists approach inclusive pronouns?

Journalists are still grappling with how to strike a balance between using inclusive pronouns and making sure readers understand them, according to Canadian Press editor Stephen Meurice. A panel on language representation in media was held by the Ryerson Journalism Research Centre at the Rogers Communications Centre on Friday, Sept. 30. Among the panelists were freelance journalist and queer media […]

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Owen Osinde, CEO of Sneakerdeck, and Jasem Ahmady, lead of operations and design, at the Branded TO competition April 8. (Courtesy Sneackerdeck)

Students’ app combines social media with sneakers

A group of Ryerson students created Sneakerdeck, an app they hope will become the go-to social platform for people who love sneakers.

April 2016

An exclusive look at revenge porn and sexting

Following a panel on revenge porn and sexting hosted by the Ryerson School of Journalism and the Centre for Free Expression, a student spoke to The Ryersonian about her experiences as a target of sexting abuse.

(Courtesy of Everybody Wants Some!!)

Review: Richard Linklater’s Everybody Wants Some!!

Imagine university life without cellphones and laptops. It may seem impossible. However, there was a time when plans were made using notes left on dorm room doors and parties happened without any minute-to-minute documentation on Snapchat. That time was 1980. Richard Linklater’s new film Everybody Wants Some!! perfectly captures the essence of this pre-social media era. It seems almost mystical for […]

(Courtesy Tara Awards)

Students roll out red carpet for TARA awards

It’s considered to be the Oscars of the RTA school of media. The TARA Awards recognizes student achievements across the media school. The awards are a prestigious event for the media production, sport media and new media programs. This year, the 38th annual awards will be held on April 15 at the St. Lawrence Centre for the Performing Arts. Josh […]

(Courtesy Surita Gor)

Rye grad to be published in national library

When Ryerson graduate Virus the Poet started doing spoken word, he said it was a way for him to “give a voice to the voiceless.” Now the Toronto-based artist is being published in an anthology for the Library and Archives Canada in Ottawa. “Spoken word poetry, to me, means encouraging and supporting human beings,” said Virus, born Viral Gor. He […]

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Mobile games among most popular apps for young adults

Mobile games among most popular apps for young adults

Does obsessively trying to reach the next level on Candy Crush Saga or attempting to launch birds with slingshots on Angry Birds sound like something you’ve done on your mobile device?

Rye prof bans technology in classrooms

Rye prof bans technology in classrooms

Some Ryerson professors have struggled with the idea of banning the use of electronics in his lecture.

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RTA takes karaoke win

RTA takes karaoke win

RTA breaks Journalism’s karaoke winning streak.

Q-and-A: Ryerson grad, Stephanie Noritz

Q-and-A: Ryerson grad, Stephanie Noritz

How a fine arts student turned into a successful photographer.

Unpopular Opinion: Episode 1

Unpopular Opinion: Episode 1

By Jacqueline Tucci and Kayleigh Robinson Unpopular Opinion is a weekly podcast where hosts Jacqueline Tucci and Kayleigh Robinson debate the week’s biggest stories in pop-culture.                      

RTA students create the ultimate video channel

RTA students create the ultimate video channel

Doesn’t recording yourself playing video games with your friends for YouTube sound like the dream final thesis project?

(Courtesy: Creative Commons)

Missed the Oscars? Here’s what you need to know

By Jessica Albotra and Michael Sist Last night was the 88th Academy Awards, and if you didn’t have a reason to watch Mad Max before you might now. Mad Max swept the Oscars receiving a total of six awards. But it was Leo DiCaprio who stole the hearts of the nation when he received his first Academy Award after being […]

Leo takes home the Oscar

Leo takes home the Oscar

[View the story “Leonardo DiCaprio’s Big Win” on Storify]

(Courtesy: Creative Commons)

LIVE BLOG: The 88th Academy Awards

Roll out the red carpet! Tonight is the 88th Academy Awards. Follow The Ryersonian’s live blog as we keep you up to date with the night’s winners. We’ll also have some guest bloggers to discuss the nominated films, actors, directors and everything in between. The show will be hosted by comedian Chris Rock. Check out the complete list of nominees here. Tune in tonight to […]

Archival Dialogues: Reading the Black Star Collection (installation view), 2012 © (Eugen Sakhnenko/Ryerson Image Centre)

Ryerson Image Centre talk stresses importance of art curation

A good art curator can expose the hidden meaning behind even the most complicated photo, painting or sculpture. He or she is able to ascertain the unseen significance of a piece of art in ways an average observer would miss completely. That was the focus of Thursday’s Noon Time Collection Talk at Ryerson University. The talk, which was held in […]

Courtesy Emily Battaglini / Ryersonian Staff

Photography student gets up-close-and-personal with 11,000 strangers online

19-year-old Emily Battaglini credits her impressive Instagram following to vulnerability.

YouTubers walk the pink carpet for Lilly Singh’s documentary ‘A Trip To Unicorn Island’

YouTubers walk the pink carpet for Lilly Singh’s documentary ‘A Trip To Unicorn Island’

Singh said that the tour and documentary brings her “YouTube videos into reality.”

The eight students behind VIABLE. (Courtesy: Jacob Morris)

RTA thesis project to raise money and awareness for MS

Mark your calendars. VIABLE, a new non-profit film and campaign tackling multiple sclerosis awareness, has its exclusive screening on March 3.

Sophomore fashion magazine created by Ryerson alumnae goes digital

Sophomore fashion magazine created by Ryerson alumnae goes digital

“I think a lot of young people are just sick and tired of being fed the same capitalist beauty ideal and we’re smarter than that.”

Play De Record will be closing it's Yonge Street doors and moving to Kensington Market in March 2016 (Olivia McLeod/Ryersonian Staff).

Ryerson loses its neighbouring vinyl store, Play De Record

Play De Record, Yonge Street’s last vinyl store, moves locations.

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Two Ryerson grads nominated for national fashion awards

Two Ryerson grads nominated for national fashion awards

The Canadian Arts and Fashion Awards nominate two fashion design graduates, Hamish Thwaites and Lucian Matis.

(Jessica Maxwell/Ryersonian Staff)

RyePRIDE takes on queer and trans portrayal in pop culture

At Ryerson’s Queer and Trans Histories Week, activities like trivia games, karaoke and zine making doubled as educational opportunities.

Dr. Robert Clapperton, professor at Ryerson's Professional Communications Department at his desk in the Rogers Communication Centre in Toronto, Canada on January 26, 2016 (Aidan Cox/Ryersonian Staff)

Ryerson professor promotes social activism through gaming

Robert Clapperton, professional communications professor, created the Global Social Innovation Game (GSIG), a digital simulator that will challenge Grade 11 and 12 students to come up with sustainable business plans that address social problems.

You are what you share…or are you?

You are what you share…or are you?

The way we decide what goes on our social media pages typically winds down to one consideration: what we want people to know about us.

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FCAD hosts first-ever RUBIX event at Image Arts Building

FCAD hosts first-ever RUBIX event at Image Arts Building

The nine schools that make up FCAD were represented, and 26 exhibitors displayed the latest developments of their work — including an intricate paper shoe collection and a ‘Global Campus Network.’

US intelligence whistlblower Edward Snowden's Twitter profile. Via Twitter

Edward Snowden is finally on Twitter

Attention people of the Internet! Edward Snowden is on Twitter. At noon on Tuesday, the US intelligence whistleblower posted the first missive:”Can you hear me now?” Within an hour that tweet had garnered 25,000 retweets and 18,000 favourites, and his verified profile had 167,000 followers and counting. Snowden made his second tweet a shout-out to celebrity science guy Neil deGrasse Tyson. .@neiltyson Thanks for […]

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TIFF wraps up amidst legal drama

TIFF wraps up amidst legal drama

Reporter Alicja Grzadkowska wraps up TIFF and its controversies.

Ryerson student hits the red carpet as RBC’s TIFF correspondent

Ryerson student hits the red carpet as RBC’s TIFF correspondent

Ryerson journalism student Vanessa Francone has been chosen as RBC’s TIFF red carpet correspondent. She tells The Ryersonian about her experience talking to the stars.

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Students far from ‘Broke’ thanks to Kickstarter campaign

Students far from ‘Broke’ thanks to Kickstarter campaign

Broke, a magazine that started out as a school project, might be the second publication to make an impact outside of Ryerson after beginning life in the classroom. “We’re shining a spotlight on young creatives in Toronto,” says Dylan Bell, one-half of the student team creating the magazine. “It’s just a lot of talking to people who probably can’t get […]

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Power of the pencil: Sun Media cartoonist talks about women in cartooning

Power of the pencil: Sun Media cartoonist talks about women in cartooning

Cartooning may still be a man’s world, but that hasn’t stopped women from entering the profession. “Women cartoonists are funny and brave and growing in numbers,” says Sue Dewar, a cartoonist for the Toronto Sun. Dewar came to Ryerson as part of the School of Journalism’s annual Atkinson Lecture on March 31.  She spoke about her experience as Canada’s only […]

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Gene Allen’s book explores the history of The Canadian Press. (Ryersonian file photo)

Rye instructor shortlisted in Canadian Prize for Humanities

Ryerson journalism instructor Gene Allen is probably the first and only person to have had access to the archives of The Canadian Press (CP). The dozens of boxes of papers and long reels of microfiche records in the basement of CP’s office on Toronto’s King Street E. had mostly been forgotten, filed away without much thought to organization. Even with […]

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Video game designer Merritt Kopas speaks to Rye about the role of games. (Emily Joveski / Ryersonian Staff)

Dames Making Games: Q & A with Merritt Kopas

Video games often require you to hurt other characters in some way to win the game, but rarely is it because characters ask you to. That’s what makes the game Consensual Torture Simulator so unique. It’s a kinky interactive text-based game, made using the simple online game development platform Twine, where the goal is to make your virtual girlfriend cry. […]

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Laci Green brings The F Word to Ryerson

Laci Green brings The F Word to Ryerson

By Deepika Shewaramani and Nadya Domingo She Asked For It, Does Sexism Hurt Men, and Boob Power are just some of the video titles you will find on YouTube star Laci Green’s channel. They suggest a few of the topics and bits of advice that Green will bring to Ryerson in her feminism talk, The F Word. The YouTuber, who […]

Bee Quammie (far left), Jalen 'LickMyFashion' Nelson (middle) and Keina Morgan (far right) on the panel.

Black hair: more than just a texture

The criticization of Zendaya Coleman wearing dreadlocks to the Oscars could not have come at a better time. Ryerson’s black community held an event this week that discussed the ins and outs of being judged for wearing their hair au naturel, and in other forms. Five panelists shared personal experiences about how their hair affects their lifestyles and  treatment in […]

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Interning in the U.S. of Eh

So you’re thinking about moving to the United States, eh? Perhaps it’s for an internship or to launch your career right after graduation. It’s no secret that many young Canadian media and performance professionals cross the border to get experience. Industry capitals New York and Los Angeles attract dozens of students from Ryerson every year. But what is it really […]

Three rules to cartoon by: Canadian cartoonists talk about guiding principles

Three rules to cartoon by: Canadian cartoonists talk about guiding principles

In the aftermath of the massacre of 12 members of the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, political cartoonists have had to defend their craft. But leading Canadian cartoonists were united on one front: It’s their job to be defiant. But is there a line between acts of defiance and being just plain offensive? Cartoonists interviewed by The Ryersonian found three […]

(Courtesy Jason Howie, Flickr)

Mass Exodus goes digital with new e-commerce app

For the first time ever, Ryerson’s student-run fashion show, Mass Exodus, will be offering an e-commerce platform through its app where attendees can purchase clothing, accessories and books produced by the fourth-year fashion design and fashion communication students. Robert Ott, chair of the school of fashion, said the idea stemmed from previous years when students’ designs were not for sale […]

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RTA’s got game

Take a young peasant girl in a medieval era, sword-fighting and the avenging of her parents’ death by killing the king, and you have Heiress, an interactive video game created by a group of eight fourth-year students in the RTA School of Media. The students call themselves Black Canvas Games and they are only the second group from the RTA program to risk going beyond radio and television to create a one-player, interactive video […]

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