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Still from (500) Days of Summer, dir. Marc Webb

Love letters to five love films

Finals are drawing near, so let’s feel some good vibes by revisiting a few of the best romantic films of the modern era. And how better to express love for love films than via cheesy love letters? 5. The Big Sick (dir. Michael Showalter, 2017) My passion for you, my newest love, burns no less strong than that for your […]

Photo courtesy of Toni Marlow

Comfort and style for every body

A Toronto brand is fighting the battle for inclusivity and comfort, one pair of undergarments at a time. Toni Marlow, a Ryerson Fashion Zone startup, is dedicated to “defying gender norms, challenging stereotypes and building a positive, powerful and progressive future” with its signature line of all-inclusive boxer briefs. “I needed underwear that was comfortable, that suited me,” said founder […]

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In Photos: Mass Exodus 2018 installation

In Photos: Mass Exodus 2018 installation

Mass Exodus 2018 showcased social issues and the future of fashion at its installation on April 4.  The installation was put together by students from Ryerson’s School of Fashion.  The Mass Exodus runway show is on April 6. 

Sagi Kahane-Rapport (left) and Dylan Sher (right) are directing and producing a documentary Before the Plate

Film student follows food to Ontario farms

Fourth-year film studies student Sagi Kahane-Rapport is directing his first big-budget, feature-length documentary. The documentary Before the Plate takes a single dish from Toronto’s Canoe restaurant and follows the ingredients back to the farm. “It was cool purely from a learning perspective. I’m a city kid and I don’t see any of these [farms] ever,” Kahane-Rapport said. Canoe is a […]

by Matthew Chin· · Arts & Life, Food
Photo by Syed Razvi

New RU Hungry app will help you find vegetarian food downtown

Five Ryerson students are developing an app called “RU Hungry”, designed to help vegetarian and vegan students manage their food budget and find eateries that cater to their needs. The idea for the app stemmed from an entrepreneurship assignment the team received. “The main problem we found while interviewing students was really how far they were willing to go between […]

by Syed Razvi· · Arts & Life, Food
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