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Food insecurity on campus and mental health

Food insecurity on campus and mental health

Reporter Alex Tsui takes a look at food insecurity at post-secondary schools and its link to mental health. 

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Salad King Introduces New Scholarship at Ryerson University

Ryerson students have even more reason to like Salad King. The Thai restaurant, located mere steps off campus, is now offering a  new $15,000 scholarship for Ryerson students, as well as an extension to its international student awards at the university. The announcement was made during Ryerson’s first International Mother Language Day Festival on Feb. 29, as part of the […]

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Ryerson student aims to raise $50k for film

By Saheel Shah After 17 days and over $20,000, funds continue coming in for the Ryerson-directed feature film Goliath as it enters the third week of its Indiegogo campaign. Goliath is being written, directed and produced by Luke Villemaire, a third-year film student at Ryerson. In September, Villemaire secured $20,000 through the Ryerson Communication and Design Society (RCDS) to contribute […]

Plato's Closet came to Ryerson residence Pitman Hall on March 23. (Emily Stachera/Ryersonian Staff)

Clothes for cash: Students trade in old clothing at Plato’s Closet

Students got the chance to turn their gently used clothing into cold hard cash when Plato’s Closet, a chain that buys and sells brand-name used clothing, brought their business to Ryerson residence Pitman Hall on March 23. This was the third event Plato’s Closet has done in co–operation with Ryerson, the first being a booth set up during frosh week […]

Money saving tips for students back from the holidays

Money saving tips for students back from the holidays

Four experts from differing financial backgrounds give some tips on how to get student finances on track.

Budgeting, credit cards and goal-setting are important for graduates. (Tiffany Crawford / Ryersonian Staff)

How to get a handle on after-grad finances

The Ryersonian’s Robert Liwanag spoke with RBC director of student banking Mandy Mail who offered financial advice to post-secondary students who are months away from graduating.

Growth of Good Food Centre leads to emphasis on nutrition and sustainability

Growth of Good Food Centre leads to emphasis on nutrition and sustainability

Ryerson’s Good Food Centre is seeing a rise in visits. How is Ryerson fighting to help hunger on campus?

Don't file in paper. File online and get your refund fast.

Students should file their taxes now or they could be hit with a penalty

The dreaded tax season can be daunting for anyone, let alone for the students who simply don’t know where to start. It’s one of the many challenges first-timers face: How to file a tax return. The April 30 deadline is fast approaching and young adults should act quickly to avoid being hit with the five per cent interest penalty.

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Breaking down the basics to banking

By Cole Deakin Credit cards can be students’ best friend but they’re probably their worst enemy too. It’s like convenience and temptation got pressed into one glossy piece of plastic — with your name on it. New runners? No problem. Late night pizza delivery? Just a swipe away. This makes avoiding money trouble a huge challenge for many. To encourage […]

Chang School to host “Women, Worth and Wellness” event

Chang School to host “Women, Worth and Wellness” event

The Chang School is challenging women to think more about how health and wealth are connected. On Wednesday, the school is hosting a breakfast and lecture called, “Women, Worth and Wellness,” at the Peter Bronfman Learning Centre. According to Nancy Griffin, a financial planner with more than 20 years of experience who will be leading the lecture, the event will […]

R U debt free?

R U debt free?

Ryerson is offering a series of financial literacy classes to students for what organizers say is the first time. And it’s free. “If you don’t have (such) skills when you get to the outside world, if you don’t get it somewhere, you’re going to find yourself in trouble,” said Doug Furchner, collections manager at the university. Furchner is co-ordinating the […]

Students are turning to the Internet for advice on how to fill their wallets. (Matt Oxman/ The Ryersonian)

Millennials turn to the internet for financial advice

When it comes to financial planning, there’s no shortage of advice. But the endless amount of expertise and jargon can often be overwhelming for those looking to improve their money smarts. In a 2013 survey conducted among millennials, fewer than a third said they turned to blogs and social media for investment advice. Almost two thirds said that general websites,  such […]

Don't file in paper. File online and get your refund fast.

The ins and outs of filing income taxes

Income tax filing is something many students prefer not to do themselves. Many feel they don’t earn enough, so they don’t need to file. However, there are many credits, refunds, and benefits available to students which can equate to free money. Here’s what students need to know:  1. Income People who earn less than $30,000 a year, which is the […]

(Courtesy Stephanie Chan) Car Insurance tricks.

Personal finance: Lowering car insurance

According to Mothers Against Drunk Driving Canada, young people have the highest rate of traffic injury and death per capita among all age groups. Even though young people are stuck with higher insurance rates until their mid-twenties, there are some tricks that can lower insurance costs beyond the standard discounts that companies offer for driver’s training and good grades. Makes […]

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Ramona Pringle, left, with panelists Jesse Hirsh and Lance Weiler. (Sarah Jones / Ryersonian Staff)

Dean lecture series: Résumés in a digital world

By: Sarah Jones The Internet is the new stomping ground for students, and they need to learn how to navigate it as professionals. That means developing a finely tuned set of technological skills. “I haven’t had a resume since I was 19,” said Lance Weiler, an American filmmaker. In an era of digitized communications, your name is a brand. An […]

Following these seven easy steps could lead you to a spring break vacation. (Shannon Cuciz / Ryersonian Staff

How to save for spring break

After working hard all year, it’s time to leave the winter blues behind and soak up the sun. Here are six tips to try when saving up for spring break: 1. Cut the coffee If you get a morning coffee, you’ll probably want a muffin or doughnut, too, which means spending around $5 per day. That’s $35 per week that […]

Minimum wage earners will make $11 an hour starting June 1. (Courtesy Rebecca Sedore)

Ontario minimum wage to increase to $11 an hour

Ontario’s minimum wage will be raised to $11.00 from $10.25, Ontario premier Kathleen Wynne announced Jan. 30. The change will be effective June 1, 2014. “We want to make sure that minimum wage keeps up with the standard of living,” Wynne said at the Centre for Social Innovation in Toronto. The increase will come after a four-year minimum wage freeze. […]

Interactive: Tech monitors driving habits, may save students on insurance

Car insurance companies are starting to offer new technology that could mean big savings for university-aged drivers. The technology, known as telematics, (information technology enabling the long distance transmission of data) is part of new usage-based auto insurance being offered for drivers in Ontario. “Innovative programs like this is something insurers are looking at to attract business,” said Pete Karageorgos, […]

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