Women remain underrepresented in leadership and management roles. (Emma Jarratt / Ryersonian Staff)

A crisis in confidence?

Jocelyn Edmison knows the business world is a bit of a boys’ club. “They’re all friends of friends of friends, who all worked their way up together,” the president of the Ryerson Women in Leadership Association (WiLA) and Ryerson MBA student said of many male-dominated corporate boards. “We’re still not at that point where enough females are up there to […]

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Why aren’t there more women in business?

Why aren’t there more women in business?

by Stephanie Chan· · Business, Features, Videos
VIDEO: SheEO preps female entrepreneurs to take on the business world

VIDEO: SheEO preps female entrepreneurs to take on the business world

Host: Lauren Murphy Producers: Joshua McLean and Stephanie Chan

Justin Trudeau received a tour of the DMZ last Wednesday.
Yasmin Jaswal

The DMZ Revolution

When the 2013 federal budget was announced by Finance Minister Jim Flaherty, it had Ryerson’s president, Sheldon Levy very pleased.  The budget put aside $60 million for incubators to help young entrepreneurs. Levy has been promoting the need for young entrepreneurs since the launch of the Digital Media Zone (DMZ) in April 2010.  To the uninitiated, the DMZ is a […]

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Yahoo's CEO Marissa Mayer has an estimated worth of $300 million
Photo Courtesy of Creative Commons

Business is business; get over it

Feminism is still not where it should be. “Feminists” are quick to judge women in power. I say this because Marissa Mayer, CEO of Yahoo Inc., recently announced a ban on work-from-home benefits for her employees. She’s since been criticized by women everywhere. Most have rebuked the 37-year-old, saying the ban makes life harder for working mothers, who will  no […]

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