Smart applications for the Internet’s next wave

Smart applications for the Internet’s next wave

Refrigerators that tell you when you’re low on milk. Coffee makers that sync with your alarm. Umbrellas that beep when it’s about to rain. It might sound like something straight from a 1980s sci-fi movie, but in the not-so-distant future, it could be our reality. During the Internet’s first coming in the 1990s, we could only access the network on […]

Kirstine Stewart, CEO of Twitter Canada, with 2013 winner Samantha Sim.

In their shoes

Students across Canada are competing for their chance to spend a day walking in the shoes of a senior executive. “CEO x 1 Day” is organized by Odgers Berndston, a global executive search firm. After receiving positive feedback from its pilot last year, the company decided to bring the competition back and expand. A total of 21 CEOs — almost […]

From Ray Rice to sweat shops, ethics expert weighs in on recent controversies

From Ray Rice to sweat shops, ethics expert weighs in on recent controversies

Ryerson University Prof. Chris MacDonald is one of the world’s leading business ethics bloggers. His site,, features more than 1,100 posts on stories such as the domestic abuse scandal of professional footballer Ray Rice, religion in corporate culture and Facebook’s (ever looming) privacy control controversies. His commentary fuses philosophical and business perspectives when analyzing current events. MacDonald’s writing has […]

The RSU holds up sign about student debt during Magnet launch. (Laura Calabrese?Ryersonian Staff)

RSU crashes event for job portal Magnet Today

Members of the Ryerson Students’ Union interrupts the governments announcement that they will be funding @MagnetToday.

DARE to Wear

DARE to Wear

Canada’s first plus-size female fashion magazine is encouraging readers to wear clothing they normally wouldn’t be seen in. That’s exactly what creator Diana Di Poce did this summer, when she silenced the self-conscious voice in her mind and wore a bikini for the first time. “All my life I thought I couldn’t wear a bikini out in public. But seeing […]

by Stephanie La Leggia· · Arts & Life, Business, Fashion
Researcher Steve Naraine at a Tweed, Inc. facility in Smiths Falls, Ont. (Courtesy Tweed)

Ryerson researchers perfecting pot plants

Ryerson researchers are homing in on what makes the best conditions for growing weed. A small research team from Ryerson is working with a publicly traded medical marijuana harvester and supplier to determine the best kind of light for growing premium pot. “We looked at how light can affect yield, how light can affect potencies,” said Steve Naraine, a Ryerson […]

by Lee Richardson· · Business, News, On Campus, Top stories
Anne Hung at work in her  boutique on 829 West Queen West. (Stephanie La Leggia / Ryersonian Staff)

Will West Queen West’s cool factor expire?

Locals knew West Queen West was trendy long before Vogue’s “Global Street Style Report” ranked it the second hippest neighbourhood in the world. “We’ve always known this street is cool,” said Anne Hung, a professor at Ryerson’s School of Fashion who is also a designer and the owner of Anne Hung Boutique on Queen Street West. According to Vogue’s September […]

Meet the 13 TEDxRyersonU speaker finalists

Meet the 13 TEDxRyersonU speaker finalists

By Angela Hennessy, Laura Calabrese, Jeanie Tran and Kathleen McGouran The Student Speaker Auditions for TEDxRyersonU is Thursday in the engineering building’s Sears Atrium. The finalist student speakers come from all faculties and will be given three minutes or less to present their ideas to a panel of judges and a live audience. The Ryersonian spoke to the 13 finalists […]

Top Hat account manager Paul Valenzano at their Toronto offices. (Sissi Wang / Ryersonian Staff)

Top Hat: A different learning tool to engage students

In some Ryerson classrooms, a new learning tool is rendering inconvenient physical clickers obsolete. Top Hat is a software that allows students to use their mobile phones and laptops, instead of a physical clicker, to answer multiple choice questions and participate electronically in class discussions. The system collects and assigns a mark to each student’s response according to their registered […]

by Sissi Wang· · Business, News, On Campus, Science & Technology
The two-storey curtain wall mock-up served to test the Student Learning Centre's final installation details. (Sissi Wang / Ryersonian Staff)

Use it or lose it

The construction of Ryerson’s Student Learning Centre is nearing its completion. A curious structure tied to its construction, initially scheduled to be demolished with the SLC’s completion, might receive a reprieve from its death sentence. The two-storey SLC curtain wall mock-up, erected next to the Architecture Building on Church Street, has served its purpose in testing and fine-tuning the SLC’s final installation details. Designers and construction workers have […]

Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment CEO Tim Leiweke speaks Thursday at an event organized by Ryerson's MBA program. A Ryersonian reporter was denied access at the door.  (Ryerson MBA/Twitter)

MLSE says it is not responsible for barring ‘The Ryersonian’ from talk featuring its CEO

Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment (MLSE) said it is not responsible for barring a Ryersonian reporter from an event in which its CEO was speaking. Spokesman Dave Haggith said over the phone on Friday the organization does not handle attendance as the event the previous day was hosted by Ryerson’s MBA program. A Ryersonian reporter was turned away at the door that afternoon at […]

by Ryersonian Staff· · Business, News, On Campus, Top stories
Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment CEO Tim Leiweke in a screenshot of his biography page of the sports commercial firm. A Ryersonian reporter was told he needed personal approval from Leiweke in order to cover a talk he gave.  (Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment )

Event with guest speaker Tim Leiweke closes door on campus press

  A Ryersonian reporter was denied access to the fall MBA Lecture Series on Thursday hosted by the university. Tim Leiweke, president and CEO of Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment (MLSE), was the event’s guest speaker. The Ryersonian reporter was turned away at the door — and was told that pre-approval from Leiweke himself was required for media. MLSE and the […]

by Calvin Dao· · Business, News, On Campus, Top stories
Ryerson brought in a six per cent return over the last 10 years. (Stephanie Chan / Ryersonian Staff)

Ryerson plays it safe with endowment funds

Ryerson prides itself on a long-term and safe investment strategy when it comes to its endowment funds. But comparisons with other universities show Ryerson is lagging behind schools with similar-sized funds that are taking riskier approaches. Endowments are funds given to the school by donors to go towards scholarships, research and other academic programs.  Every contribution that equals $25,000 is […]

by Stephanie Chan· · Business, News, On Campus
How do endowment funds work at Ryerson?

How do endowment funds work at Ryerson?

by Stephanie Chan· · Business, Videos
Three rising entrepreneurs revolutionize style

Three rising entrepreneurs revolutionize style

By Nicole Gabourie Ryersonian reporter Nicole Gabourie profiles three growing companies from Ryerson’s Fashion Zone, the startup incubator that supports and accelerates fashion-focused business ventures. Urban Native Magazine Website: Founder: Lisa Charleyboy About them: With over eight years as a published writer, including clippings from CBC, The Guardian and MSN, Charleyboy was recently named one of Canada’s best fashion […]

(Photo Dan Moyle/ Flickr)

Gen Y and the housing market

High housing prices and mortgage rates are leaving millenials out in the cold. Young couples can combine incomes and make it work, but single grads face years of saving and rent before they’re able to get their own place. Statistics Canada released its Consumer Price Index at the end of February, showing that Canadian housing prices increased 1.5 per cent […]

by Bethany Van Lingen· · Business, News
Strong marketing has had a profound effect on attendance at Rams home games.

Full house: Rams get A+ in marketing

By Erica Hucalak When you walk into the Mattamy Athletic Centre (MAC) for a men’s hockey game, you can’t miss the booming music, discounted beer, window wraps and posters of Rams’ players all over the building. But what’s not so apparent is that it’s all part of a carefully constructed strategy devised by Ryerson Athletics and Global Spectrum, the building […]

by Erica Huculak· · Business, Rams Athletics, Sports
Students listen to one of the many marketing expert guest speakers at the first Ryerson Marketing Conference. (Leena Latafat / Ryersonian Staff)

Ryerson Marketing Association hosts marketing conference

It started with an ambitious idea to engage, inspire and excite the world. Ryerson University’s first marketing conference took place Feb. 7 at the Mattamy Athletic Centre, after a group of students envisioned the idea of a full-day marketing event. Students from the Ryerson Marketing Association hosted the event, which featured a panel of marketing experts including the marketing manager […]

by Leena Latafat· · Business, Live Blog
David Collenette, appointed as distinguished visiting scholar. (Courtesy Ryerson University)

Former minister of transportation Ryerson’s newest distinguished visiting fellow

David Collenette has been appointed distinguished visiting fellow at the Chang School of Continuing Education and the Faculty of Engineering and Architectural Science at Ryerson. Over a one-year term, Collenette will share his expertise as a former senior business adviser and a member of Parliament. Marie Bountrogianni, the interim dean of the Chang School, says she supports the provost’s appointment […]

by Christina Ciddio· · Business, News, On Campus, Top stories
(Ryersonian Archive)

Nordstrom taking over Sears space in Eaton Centre

Luxury retailer Nordstrom will open a flagship store at Toronto Eaton Centre in 2016, as a part of the mall’s $400-million redevelopment.  The company will take over three storeys from Sears, a 213,000-square-foot space, which is already clearing out merchandise. Sears will keep the top four floors for their headquarters, and the remaining two will be leased to other retailers. This will […]

The Ryersonian Weekly Wrap: Episode 9

The Ryersonian Weekly Wrap: Episode 9

We bring you a weekly wrap-up of Canadian campus news produced by senior students in the School of Journalism in Toronto, Canada. It features weekly news from, and from the Canadian University Press. Here are the stories mentioned in this week’s podcast: Mayor Ford stripped of some of his powers at rowdy council meeting Trudeaumania at Ryerson residence cafeteria […]

Enactus Ryerson’s Kevin Liu talks starting your own business

Enactus Ryerson’s Kevin Liu talks starting your own business

by Sahar Fatima· · Business, RyersonianTV, Videos, Webcasts
Screenshot from Blackberry P9982 promotional YouTube video.

Blackberry reveals luxury Porsche-designed phone

You’d think if you were having trouble selling phones at $150 a pop, a 150 per cent markup may be a bad idea – but Blackberry doesn’t think so. The company today revealed a higher-end version of its latest phone, priced at $2,350. The Blackberry P9982 with Porsche design is the upgraded model of the Blackberry Z10 and is made with stainless […]

Banking on financial flexibility

Banking on financial flexibility

For those students who aren’t finance majors, talking about interest rates, debit card options and student banking plans can be a nightmare. The fact is, a simple Google search or quick chat with a financial adviser can provide the information students need to decide what banking plan suits them. But even with resources readily available, many students forgo shopping around […]

by Carly Thomas· · Arts & Life, Business
How student-friendly is your bank?

How student-friendly is your bank?

Students can be overwhelmed with the vast variety of plans and services banks offer to those attending college or university. From debit card options to credit card features, we’ve got the breakdown on each of the big five banks in Canada. Click through the gallery and see how your bank measures up.

The Ryersonian Weekly Wrap: Episode 7

The Ryersonian Weekly Wrap: Episode 7

We bring you a weekly wrap-up of Canadian campus news produced by senior students in the School of Journalism in Toronto, Canada. It features weekly news from, and from the Canadian University Press.

U.S. government shutdown explained

U.S. government shutdown explained

by Stephanie Chan· · Business, News, Off Campus, Videos
Members of Enactus Ryerson took a trip to Dago, Kenya in March of last year to teach financial literacy.

Ryerson business club to compete in Cancun

A Ryerson team believes bees and better financial literacy can help change the world, and they’ll test their theories at the Enactus World Cup in Cancun next week. Enactus is an international non-profit organization that brings together students and businesses to improve quality of life through entrepreneurship. Its board of directors boasts bosses from big name companies including Walmart, Unilever, […]

by Brian Boudreau· · Business, News, On Campus
Women remain underrepresented in leadership and management roles. (Emma Jarratt / Ryersonian Staff)

A crisis in confidence?

Jocelyn Edmison knows the business world is a bit of a boys’ club. “They’re all friends of friends of friends, who all worked their way up together,” the president of the Ryerson Women in Leadership Association (WiLA) and Ryerson MBA student said of many male-dominated corporate boards. “We’re still not at that point where enough females are up there to […]

by Lauren S. Murphy· · Business, Features
Why aren’t there more women in business?

Why aren’t there more women in business?

by Stephanie Chan· · Business, Features, Videos
VIDEO: SheEO preps female entrepreneurs to take on the business world

VIDEO: SheEO preps female entrepreneurs to take on the business world

Host: Lauren Murphy Producers: Joshua McLean and Stephanie Chan

Justin Trudeau received a tour of the DMZ last Wednesday.
Yasmin Jaswal

The DMZ Revolution

When the 2013 federal budget was announced by Finance Minister Jim Flaherty, it had Ryerson’s president, Sheldon Levy very pleased.  The budget put aside $60 million for incubators to help young entrepreneurs. Levy has been promoting the need for young entrepreneurs since the launch of the Digital Media Zone (DMZ) in April 2010.  To the uninitiated, the DMZ is a […]

by Ryersonian Staff· · Business
Yahoo's CEO Marissa Mayer has an estimated worth of $300 million
Photo Courtesy of Creative Commons

Business is business; get over it

Feminism is still not where it should be. “Feminists” are quick to judge women in power. I say this because Marissa Mayer, CEO of Yahoo Inc., recently announced a ban on work-from-home benefits for her employees. She’s since been criticized by women everywhere. Most have rebuked the 37-year-old, saying the ban makes life harder for working mothers, who will  no […]

by Ryersonian Staff· · Business, Opinion
Business competition gives Rye students cash for ideas

Business competition gives Rye students cash for ideas

Ryerson is giving hope to two students this Wednesday — turning fledgling business ideas into a reality. The Slaight Communications Business Plan Competition is donating $25,000 to one male and one female student with the best startup idea on campus. Hosted by StartMeUp Ryerson —  a student entrepreneurship group that helps students build their businesses — the competition is down […]

by Lindsay Smith· · Business

Founder of Monocle talks design & business to students

“I don’t want to see the bald spots of people’s heads,” began Tyler Brûlé, urging the audience to refrain from tweeting. “I want everyone in the room tonight.” Brûlé, business guru and the founder of internationally renowned Monocle magazine, spoke to a packed auditorium of students at OCAD last night. He also runs Winkreative, a branding agency with bureaus in […]

by Lindsay Smith· · Business
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