Third-year sports media student Jaime Hills

How Ontario’s new concussion law affects Ryerson students

The day before her soccer team’s season opener, Emily Kananoja laced up for the last time. It was a sunny August morning practice, and the Ryerson Rams women’s soccer team was doing one of their regular corner-kick drills. Her teammate headed the ball, and it came flying toward Kananoja’s head. Immediately, she felt pressure, shortly followed by an instant headache. […]

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From singing in the stairwell to on stage

From singing in the stairwell to on stage

First-year RTA School of Media student Riley Martin was waiting for a cappella rehearsal in Kerr Hall when she heard the swell of alto and tenor voices coming from down the corridor. She recognized the voices as fellow a cappella singers and, though she couldn’t see them yet, Martin joined in, singing out the first few lines of the tune […]

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Photo courtesy of Adela Zyfi

Welcome to Canada. We’re the friendly neighbours

Aniruddha Bhatt remembers looking out his plane window and seeing a snowy white landscape. The view marked a key lifetime moment: the end of his 34-hour plane journey from India, and his arrival in Canada. Bhatt hopped on that plane on Dec. 20, 2017, leaving the northern Indian state of Rajasthan. He arrived in Toronto on Dec. 22, just before […]

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Dealing with technology

Dealing with technology

Ryerson University is working to combat the fact that technology can be a major distraction for students. But there is a lot more they could be doing. Growing amounts of research show that technology and social media can be a distraction for students that adversely affects their studies. A recent study shows that students who text or use other technology […]

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Graphic by Janine Maral Tascioglu

It’s a match!

Alexandar Cheah and Jenn Lee’s first date was dinner and a movie. Sydney Wong and Matthaus Vasquez’s was dinner and drinks. Alison and David (whose names have been changed for privacy) went to the aquarium and had a coffee. In all scenarios, these happy couples have followed well-established rituals of most happy couples before them — meeting, getting to know […]

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