Esguerra knew the lights would blur in his lens, which is why he sought
them out as the subject of his photo. Photo by Sherina Harris

A day in the life of a #StreetsofToronto photographer

As soon as Anthony Esguerra walked outside into the cool air, he knew what he wanted to photograph. He bounded down the steps of Ryerson’s Student Learning Centre (SLC) towards the market across the street, and pulled out the Sony a7 II he doesn’t go anywhere without.   He crouched and tilted his camera upwards, making the strap loose around […]

by Ryersonian Staff· · Features, Photography
Photo: Creative Commons

Student internet addicts need an escape from their escape

Ola Kacinska’s heart was racing as she watched the Charlottesville rally unfold back in August 2017. While taking in the events on Facebook, the fourth-year Ryerson professional communications student wanted to look away, but couldn’t bring herself to stop scrolling. “It had such a huge impact on my mood and outlook on humanity,” she said of seeing white nationalists bearing […]

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Logo for Manage My Pain app, courtesy ManagingLife

Chronic pain app collabs with DMZ and Biomedical Zone to improve pain logs

For Tahir Janmohamed, watching his mother suffer from the daily pain of fibromyalgia called him to action. Fibromyalgia is a chronic condition causing pain throughout the body, sometimes as an ache and sometimes as intense as a stabbing or burning pain. The consistent pain from fibromyalgia is so debilitating that it can cause depression and anxiety, among other problems. Janmohamed […]

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Photo by Serena Lalani. Colouring books were handed out to women who attended the Women Mentoring Women event.

Facing a different battle, but the same war: The importance of female mentorship

A group of women from Ryerson – made up of faculty, staff and students – stood side by side facing five parallel lines marked on the floor. They were then asked by Maricruz Rodriguez, mentoring facilitator at Ryerson Tri-Mentoring, to take a step forward based on whether or not they had ever experienced exclusion due to their identity – first […]

by Serena Lalani· · Features, News
Photo Courtesy Adrian Arnieri. Adrian Arnieri showcases his collection The Electric Lady’s at the 2017 Ryerson fashion show Mass Exodus.

Ryerson grad Adrian Arnieri’s design hits the red carpet

For some, being a student at the Ryerson School of Fashion means completing assignments and passing classes so you can one day walk across the stage at graduation. For others, this program is seen as an “in,” because of the contacts that can be made and the countless opportunities to take advantage of. It’s easy for students to get caught […]

by Chelsea Lecce· · Arts & Life, Fashion, Features
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