A workshop organized by MAX Mentors that occur every three months. (Photo by Hania Siddiqui)

Mentorship program aims to inspire Muslim students and young adults

MAX Mentors is a mentorship program that connects students with established Muslim professionals.

Co-founders Abdulkarim Muhaseen and Saad Ahmed launched MAX Mentors in 2016 to combat misconceptions about the Canadian Muslim community.

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Ted Rogers School of Hospitality and Tourism Management instructor, Gabor Forgacs, said default tipping can be deceiving. (Photo by Kayla Douglas)

The tipping point: Students weigh in on how much to give servers

Dante Galea finished his sausage pizza last Friday night, sitting on a bright red chair with his friends at Terroni, an Italian restaurant on Adelaide Street. Satisfied, he was ready to pick up the tab for the table. His server handed him the debit machine, which prompted him to leave a tip.

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Have you ever wondered what Ryerson's campus looks like in 360 degrees? (Oriena Vuong)

Communism still present on campuses 100 years after the Russian Revolution

Last week was the 100th anniversary of the Russian Revolution, a historic event that changed the dynamic of modern politics.  

It started in October of 1917 in Russia when the Bolsheviks, a working-class movement that was part of the Russian Social Democratic Party, rose against the government and took control of the Russian State.  

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The fourth floor of the Student Learning Centre is home to Ryerson’s Student Learning Support, where students of all abilities can go for support (Photo by Victoria McMurchy).

FEATURE: What it’s like being a Ryerson student with a learning disability

Linas Kairys sits at a desk in a room of 20 students, ready to write one of his first university exams. The room is quiet. He takes a deep breath and looks down at the sheet in front of him.

His mind goes blank.

This is a recurring nightmare for all students; Spending hours studying countless pages of notes and information, only to forget it all as soon as you sit down to write your exam. But for Kairys, this is a daily reality.

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Hormonal birth control could be causing your depression

Hormonal birth control could be causing your depression

When the birth control pill was introduced in the 1960s, it was a symbol of sexual liberation and choice for women. Today, women are speaking up about the way that the pill has affected their mental health.

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