Learning experience or free labour?

In an economy where few things are free and time is money, many businesses and corporations are finding free labour by taking on undergraduate and graduate interns, instead of co-op students. Ryerson and other Ontario universities offer these unpaid internships and work placements to students in a variety of programs, and the Employment Standards Act (ESA) allows companies to not […]

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Pulling the plug on print a personal stab

If a tree falls and no one’s around to hear it, does it make a sound? The same can be said for the state of print journalism in the age of a digital revolution. If nobody’s reading the paper, are the stories still news? The University of Windsor’s 85-year-old student newspaper, The Lance, has been ordered to immediately cease print […]

The extra costs some students at Ryerson pay to get their undergrad

The extra costs some students at Ryerson pay to get their undergrad

A group of wide-eyed high school students trots behind a student ambassador as they get a tour of the Ryerson campus. The ambassador’s red coat guides them through a campus they one day may call home, if the OUAC applications they submitted a few months ago are approved.  While visions of the friends they’ll meet, the drunken nights they’ll encounter, […]

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Image arts renovation: not so picture perfect

  About 100 people gathered at the School of Image Arts last Tuesday for the new building’s official opening, with an open bar and hors d’oeuvres such as stuffed tomatoes and sliders. The renovation changed the exterior brick to glass and added LED lights to the outside walls. President Sheldon Levy and vice-president academic Alan Shepard gave speeches, hinting at […]

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INTERACTIVE: Ryerson’s ‘Master Plan’ Explained

INTERACTIVE: Ryerson’s ‘Master Plan’ Explained

Not long after Sheldon Levy was named president in 2005, he went to the Ontario Universities Fair and asked prospective students if they knew where Ryerson was. “A lot of students said ‘no,’” Levy said in a 2006 speech to the Canadian Club of Toronto. “Some said it was ‘behind Sam the Record Man.’” For decades, Ryerson has been little […]

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