Does reading week help or hurt students?

If you ask five Ryerson students how they spent their reading week, you’ll likely get the same five answers: sleeping. If you ask those same five Ryersonians how they’re feeling today, you’ll likely get a different answer: tired. At Ryerson, we get double the number of study breaks as most Canadian schools. So why aren’t we all feeling relaxed and […]

by Ryersonian Staff· · Editorial, Opinion

Hey Ryerson: where’s our OSAP funding?

For the second consecutive year, four words have been sending Ryerson students into anxious fits. “School must confirm enrolment.” Those are the words that appear on one’s personal Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) homepage when they have filed all their required paperwork, but still require confirmation from a post-secondary school that they are, in fact, a student. And for the […]

by Josh Kolm· · Editorial, Opinion

We (don’t) need a sign

Everyone who’s read F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby (or seen the 2013 film) will remember the scene where the title character stares out longingly across the water at a distant green light shimmering in the darkness. Jay Gatsby has it all — money, real estate, a fan club — but what he doesn’t have is the heart of his […]

by Mitchell Cohen· · Editorial, Opinion

A brain drain? Not at the DMZ

When the American futurist writer Juan Enriquez came to Toronto last spring to speak at a health symposium, he presented the audience — a group of high-powered scientists, bio-tech researchers, and entrepreneurs — with a question. “What do the smartest people in Canada do? Where do they go?” The implied answer was along the lines of: “They go to the […]

by Mitchell Cohen· · Editorial, Opinion

Singing the last-place blues

Ryerson has certainly hogged its share of the public spotlight this month. It’s only the third week of the term and we’ve already weathered a whirlwind of big-ticket press councils, celebrity-studded film festivals, and homeless neon signs. As the TIFF lineups empty and the books slam shut on the Sam The Record Man debacle, it’s as good a time as […]

by Mitchell Cohen· · Editorial, Opinion
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