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Kendall Jenner and her flat can of Pepsi

Kendall Jenner and her flat can of Pepsi

“I always knew there was a reason I liked Coca Cola more.”

by Lamees Wajahat· · Guest Opinion, Opinion
Alexandria Pankratz urges incoming Ryerson students to enjoy their time in university.

Life’s too short, rack up that debt

“Standing at the finish line of my degree, I look back and see everything in a completely different light.”

by Alexandria Pankratz· · Guest Opinion, Opinion
Julia Ho in Ryerson's Rogers Communications Centre. (Chris Blanchette/Ryersonian Staff)

The danger of political binaries

We’ve become so scared of exploring political faculties that don’t align with the overarching political group in which we strive to belong. The sheer inability to step outside of our socio-political bubbles has effectively segregated the population into either “us” or the “other.”

by Julia Ho· · Guest Opinion, Opinion, Politics
Karen Chan. (Chris Blanchette/Ryersonian Staff)

Careers, children and choices

Would I drop everything to stay at home and only take care of my family? No matter how I think about it, my answer is always no.

by Karen Chan· · career, Guest Opinion, Opinion
Sarah Jackson in the Rogers Communications Centre. (Chris Blanchette/Ryersonian Staff)

Controlling the conversation: Ryerson edition

Ryerson denied me access to a student conversation, and I still don’t know why.

by Sarah Jackson· · Guest Opinion, Media, Opinion
Palak Mangat

Demand true diversity

Maybe it’s because I’m graduating soon, but I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the dreaded d-word: diversity. Why is it dreaded? Hard to say, really, but as a South Asian female in the media industry, I have a theory. Granted, my experiences are limited to my 21 years, so I’m by no means an expert and I’m the first […]

by Palak Mangat· · Guest Opinion, Opinion
(Courtesy La La Land website)

Film Fridays: La La Land review

La La Land has it all: singing, dancing, comedy, drama and romance. Mia (Emma Stone) is a struggling actress. Her life consists of running from her part-time job to auditions. Life hasn’t worked out the way she wanted it to. She thought she would’ve made it in L.A. by now, but she hasn’t. Sebastian (Ryan Gosling) is a down-on-his-luck jazz musician. […]

A lot of people believe that feminism is only for women, but it's also for men. (Ryersonian Archive)

What does feminism mean?

Feminism’s a word that a vast majority of people don’t fully understand. Until recently, I didn’t completely understand it either. This is partly because in the media, most movies and TV shows never give a definition. Equality shown in media In the TV shows and movies that I watched growing up, most of the characters I saw were shown in […]

(Ryersonian archive)

Movember: more than ‘staches

With the abundance of moustaches and beards around the city, surely people must know that Movember is upon us. Every year when November rolls around you see a lot of people having fun with the campaign, trying (and maybe failing) to grow handlebars or a Monopoly man ʼstache. But sometimes you can’t help but wonder if they have raised any […]

by Hailey Salvian· · Guest Opinion, Health, Opinion
(Courtesy Dave Crosby/Creative Commons)

Canadians must make better dietary decisions

Canadians will eventually start to make healthier decisions on their own, but it all starts by persuading their wallet before their mind.

by Ryersonian Staff· · Guest Opinion, Opinion
(Redd Angelo/ Unsplash)

Always remember to reach out

Even though it can be hard, start the conversation about your mental health with trusted loved ones

by Ryersonian Staff· · Guest Opinion
Black History Month was first recognized by the Canadian government in 1995. This year we recognized achievements of African-Canadians in sport .
(Courtesy Citizenship and Immigration Canada)

Everyday racism: More common than you’d think

  As this year’s Black History Month comes to an end, here is a list of things you should keep in mind throughout the rest of the year: Asking why there is no “white history month” is ridiculous. From preschool to university we learn about Christopher Columbus, revisit Shakespeare multiple times, and celebrate Canadian liberalism while still denying it’s continued […]

by Ryersonian Staff· · Guest Opinion, Opinion, students
Support for women lacking in abortion debate

Support for women lacking in abortion debate

The controversial issue of pro-choice stance continues to be a hot topic among Canadians today, despite the fact that the law allowing abortions has been in place since 1969. Many still protest against abortion laws, while others protest to keep them in place. But no matter what side you’re on in this heated debate, both support a woman’s right to […]

by Tamara Sestanj· · Guest Opinion, Opinion
Movember: Armchair Advocacy

Movember: Armchair Advocacy

Every year I dread the arrival of November. Yes the month of November has my birthday and means the countdown to Christmas has begun. However, it also marks the start of what I dread: Movember. Every November 1st, my boyfriend shaves off his perfectly groomed scruff to reveal the baby face hidden underneath. It eventually grows out to the prickly […]

by Tamara Sestanj· · Guest Opinion, Opinion
Julien’s apologies won’t earn him a ‘Blanc’ Slate

Julien’s apologies won’t earn him a ‘Blanc’ Slate

No means no. My mother first explained that phrase to me when I began showing interest in boys. It was even more important when they began showing interest back. But pickup artist Julien Blanc doesn’t take no for an answer. That’s his first rule. “There is no such thing as rejection because it’s never over,” Blanc says in one of […]

by Rhiannon Joseph· · Guest Opinion, Opinion
Burma’s media: state versus freedom of expression

Burma’s media: state versus freedom of expression

Although Burma has lifted its 50-year media censorship, government intervention still looms over freedom of expression and journalists. “Journalists still face problems in freedom of expression,” said surgeon and human rights activist Dr. Ma Thida at the International Issues Discussion (IID) series last Wednesday. Hosted by IID and PEN Canada, the event Behind the Veil of Democracy: Burma’s struggle for Freedom, […]

by Sameera Raja· · Editorial, Guest Opinion, Live Blog, News, Opinion
Why I wore the red poppy on Remembrance Day

Why I wore the red poppy on Remembrance Day

James Cohen is an 83-year-old veteran selling red poppies in the Scotia Plaza. He’s hunched over, missing a few teeth and his eyes are glazed over — that is until someone approaches his table. With a quick jerk, as if he was a kid again, he quickly stands up tall to adjust a stranger’s poppy. He thanks them for their donation. […]

by Rhiannon Joseph· · Guest Opinion, News, Opinion
Remembrance Day through the eyes of a Tibetan

Remembrance Day through the eyes of a Tibetan

The feeling I have on Remembrance Day can only be described as a form of identity crisis. Who do I have to remember? A crowd of nameless bodies dressed in uniform and covered in dried mud that I respect but with whom I have no personal connection. Though I was born here and hold a Canadian passport, on Remembrance Day […]

by Pema Tsering· · Guest Opinion, Opinion, Voices
My two cents for Poloz, ’cause that’s all I have

My two cents for Poloz, ’cause that’s all I have

Bank of Canada governor Stephen Poloz showed his complete lack of understanding for the economic climate plaguing gen-Yers with unemployment by giving world class advice to young people. His reasoning? That we should work for free to pad our resumés. What Poloz fails to realize is that we are already working for free. I’ve been doing free work for the […]

by Hana Shafi· · Guest Opinion, Opinion
Lights go out in The Newsroom

Lights go out in The Newsroom

I don’t remember much about April 1, 2012, but thanks to a timestamp and a YouTube video, I remember how I felt. News seems to travel at the speed of light around the Ryerson school of journalism, especially when it involves the magic combination of journalism and TV shows. When HBO released the first trailer for The Newsroom, my first-year […]

by Samantha Sobolewski· · Guest Opinion, Opinion, Voices
Rachel Surman is the news editor at The Ryersonian. (Photo by Dasha Zolota / Ryersonian Staff)

While I may be basic, I’m certainly not a bitch

My name is Rachel Surman. And according to society, I’m a basic bitch. It’s only recently that I’ve come to this startling conclusion. I’ve never considered dog photos, smiling selfies, skinny chai tea lattes, and appreciation of top 40 tunes as a pattern that could be equated to basic bitch status. But a few nights ago, over drinks with my […]

by Rachel Surman· · Guest Opinion, Opinion, Top stories
‘I’m Muslim, but Ottawa shooting is not my fault’

‘I’m Muslim, but Ottawa shooting is not my fault’

Anytime there’s a shooting or bombing, I hold my breath. “Please don’t be Muslim, please don’t be Muslim,” I think to myself. I browse through Twitter and see other Muslims with similar sentiments. Why? Because we know, if the shooter is Muslim, the backlash is on us. No matter how removed we are from that one awful person, no matter […]

by Hana Shafi· · Guest Opinion, News, Opinion, Top stories
Halloween costumes: cultural appropriation and racism

Halloween costumes: cultural appropriation and racism

At the Spirit Halloween Store at Yonge and Dundas, I walk through endless rows of spooky getups. Everything from Jack Skellington costumes, to grotesque zombie masks, to the ever-popular sexy nurse. But despite the enormous amount of variety and a whole universe of creatures and characters to dress up as, there are still costumes of hyper-sexualized indigenous women, Day of […]

by Hana Shafi· · Guest Opinion, News, Opinion

Using social media ‘Light’ in fight against police brutality

I’m not one to casually drop Bible verses to get a point across, but here goes: “But everything exposed by the light becomes visible — and everything that is illuminated becomes a light.” Ephesians 5:13, New International Version. I came across this passage after spending hours online, drifting through holy grails like Youtube, Reddit and Twitter. I can’t remember how […]

by Halla Imam· · Guest Opinion, Opinion
Interactive: Lottery can disappoint but Toronto Fringe Festival charms

Interactive: Lottery can disappoint but Toronto Fringe Festival charms

By Jacob Horowitz Ryersonian Staff It’s been said that winning isn’t everything, but at the Toronto Fringe Festival lottery on Monday night, it sure seemed like it would have been a lot of fun. For the unaware, the Fringe Festival is an annual Toronto event that gives anyone with a story to be told a chance to tell it. Now […]

A packed house at the BMO Centre in Fredericton, N.B. was on hand to take in Ryerson's match vs. U. of Saskatchewan.

A new addition to the Ram-ily

By Bronté James Brunswickan Sports Editor I have been covering the University of New Brunswick Varsity Reds men’s soccer team for three years and have come to know the team, form bonds and learn the intricate details that come along with covering the sport. The only downside is I’ve only been exposed to the Atlantic University Sport (AUS) setting and […]

Letter from the editor: public sex always news

There are a number of hot-button subjects in the world that will provoke an adamant and immediate emotional reaction no matter how they are covered. Last week, The Ryersonian witnessed this first-hand by publishing an article that revealed a gay website promoting campus washrooms as places to meet up for public sex. Titled “Ryerson bathrooms are gay sex hot spots,” […]

by Sean Tepper· · Guest Opinion, Opinion, Uncategorized
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