Marriage isn’t just a numbers game

Marriage isn’t just a numbers game

A diamond ring, a white dress and a graduate degree are all at the top of my wish list—but not in that order. Like many young Canadian women, I’ve decided to get an education before I get hitched, and according to economist Marina Adshade, my dreams are ruining the marriage prospects of women who don’t go to university. Last week, […]

by Lee Marshall· · Opinion
How to get rich at unpaid internships

How to get rich at unpaid internships

Internships vary, but the first rule of any internship — and especially of unpaid internships — is always the same: don’t end up making coffee. Interns know it; we want to show our supervisors what we’re capable of, so we work like dogs in the hope they’ll throw us a bone once our six weeks are up. Managers know it; […]

by Mitchell Cohen· · Opinion, Voices
Dangers in searching for perfect beach bod

Dangers in searching for perfect beach bod

It’s that time of the year again. Bikini season is looming, and I panic as I look at myself in the mirror. Every summer I dread the thought of putting on a string bikini, so all of my flesh can be fully exposed for everyone to see. Every inch, every unflattering curve will be out, bare and waiting to be […]

by Jennifer Koziel· · Opinion, Voices

Letter from the editor: public sex always news

There are a number of hot-button subjects in the world that will provoke an adamant and immediate emotional reaction no matter how they are covered. Last week, The Ryersonian witnessed this first-hand by publishing an article that revealed a gay website promoting campus washrooms as places to meet up for public sex. Titled “Ryerson bathrooms are gay sex hot spots,” […]

by Sean Tepper· · Guest Opinion, Opinion, Uncategorized

Pulling the plug on print a personal stab

If a tree falls and no one’s around to hear it, does it make a sound? The same can be said for the state of print journalism in the age of a digital revolution. If nobody’s reading the paper, are the stories still news? The University of Windsor’s 85-year-old student newspaper, The Lance, has been ordered to immediately cease print […]

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