Zip lining in Punta Cana last May

Bitten by the travel bug

  The best moments of my life have happened while travelling around the world. There’s something about being surrounded by clear blue waters, tall palm trees, soft white sand and foreign foods that is so tranquil. It’s an atmosphere I’ll never tire of. As my university career comes to an end this April, I often wonder about the future. I’ve […]

by Amanda Soufi· · Opinion, Voices
Protesters at a men's issues event at U of T least year. Photo by Samuel Greenfield / Ryersonian staff

“Feminism” is not a dirty word

This week’s story about a controversial event hosted by the Ryerson-based Men’s Issues Awareness Society highlights the simmering tension between gender-based organizations both on and off campus. The event is set to be hosted by controversial anti-feminist blogger Karen Straughan, best known for her Youtube Channel GirlWritesWhat. The group’s status on campus hinges on whether or not they are deemed […]

by Liam Scott· · Editorial, Opinion, Voices
Shedding some light on the RSU debate

Shedding some light on the RSU debate

The RSU election debate took place last Wednesday in the Tecumseh Lounge in the back of the Student Services Centre. It’s a lovely facility. Not the best lighting, though. I was there on assignment with two other Ryersonian reporters, one live-blogging the event and the other running the cameras with me. The room was dark, so I asked a coordinator […]

by Matthew Kennedy· · Editorial, Opinion
Epilepsy awareness project is ineffective

Epilepsy awareness project is ineffective

It’s been almost two years since my last seizure. Doctors talk a lot about “auras,” warning signs or premonitions of an impending episode, but the experience is a lot more nuanced and frightening than any pamphlet about epilepsy can tell you. There are six different types of seizures, ranging in severity from muscle stiffness and rigidity—tonic—to a grand mal, or […]

by Victoria Kuglin· · Editorial, Opinion, Voices
Minimum wage still not enough for many workers

Minimum wage still not enough for many workers

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne announced a 75-cent increase to Ontario’s minimum wage last week. It will take effect later this year. But it’s not enough for the province’s minimum wage workers to live on. The most recent data from Poverty Free Ontario says the poverty line is just under $20,000, after taxes. The current minimum wage is $10.25. An adult […]

by Ryersonian Staff· · Editorial, Opinion
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