RSU presidential candidates John Scott, Roble Mohamed, and Rajean Hoilett at the debate Jan. 30. Courtesy Samuel Greenfield / Ryersonian Staff

RSU election debate lacks inspiration

If you are one of the 99.8 per cent at Ryerson you’ll want to read further. With this number I don’t mean the occupy movement. This is the percentage of the RSU’s 30,000 membership that was not present at the election debate on Wednesday – if you could even call it a debate. Four of the five RSU executive positions are […]

by Samuel Greenfield· · Editorial, Opinion, Voices
Hillary MacDonald / Ryersonian Staff

Editorial Cartoon: January 29, 2014

by Hillary MacDonald· · Editorial Cartoon, Opinion
RSU: Ryerson’s Shady Union

RSU: Ryerson’s Shady Union

“What have you done for me?” It’s the first question that comes to mind when the RSU comes up. In the past four years at Ryerson, the students’ union has acted less like an open and accountable student government and more like a bureaucratic collective that is notorious for dodging questions and restricting interviews with the student press. An upcoming […]

by Ryersonian Staff· · Editorial, Opinion
A sports journalist and his ethical lapse

A sports journalist and his ethical lapse

In order to be a good journalist, you must be a good person. Throughout my time in journalism school, that phrase has been frequently repeated and I couldn’t agree more. It was recently brought to my attention that Grantland, a website for sports journalism, published an article exposing the creator of a revolutionary golf putter as transgender against her wishes. […]

by Arti Panday· · Editorial, Opinion
Celebrating after hiking to the top of First, a summit in the Swiss Alps.

How I planned my dream student exchange

My worst day of university was when I found out I couldn’t afford to go on an international exchange. I still remember the sick feeling in my stomach when my academic co-ordinator told me I needed $15,000 to make my dream happen. Tears welled up in my eyes. Since high school, I worked two jobs at a time to save […]

by Shannon Cuciz· · Opinion, Voices
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