Dangers in searching for perfect beach bod

Dangers in searching for perfect beach bod

It’s that time of the year again. Bikini season is looming, and I panic as I look at myself in the mirror. Every summer I dread the thought of putting on a string bikini, so all of my flesh can be fully exposed for everyone to see. Every inch, every unflattering curve will be out, bare and waiting to be […]

by Jennifer Koziel· · Opinion, Voices

Letter from the editor: public sex always news

There are a number of hot-button subjects in the world that will provoke an adamant and immediate emotional reaction no matter how they are covered. Last week, The Ryersonian witnessed this first-hand by publishing an article that revealed a gay website promoting campus washrooms as places to meet up for public sex. Titled “Ryerson bathrooms are gay sex hot spots,” […]

by Sean Tepper· · Guest Opinion, Opinion, Uncategorized

Pulling the plug on print a personal stab

If a tree falls and no one’s around to hear it, does it make a sound? The same can be said for the state of print journalism in the age of a digital revolution. If nobody’s reading the paper, are the stories still news? The University of Windsor’s 85-year-old student newspaper, The Lance, has been ordered to immediately cease print […]

Caryn Ceolin appears as a contestant on the dating show Text or Next.
Photo courtesy of MuchMusic

Absurd anecdotes from an intern

I’m walking through the corridors of a major market news station in the heart of downtown Toronto. It’s 2010 and the mayoral election is on the horizon. As a second-year broadcast student, wrangling candidates through busy halls that are lined with producers furiously preparing for live television builds my excitement. Currently, candidate hopefuls are in their green rooms, getting groomed […]

by Ryersonian Staff· · Opinion, Voices
Melissa Myers has a lot to look forward to on her way to class in the Rogers Communications Centre.
Photo by Nicole Witkowski

Rye student comes to terms with brain injury

Six friends and I piled into a van as we left a house party in Apsley, Ont. The driver had been drinking and refused to hand over his keys. On our travel home we smashed into rock, which lined a sharp turn in the road. This caused our van to flip several times. The driver died instantly on impact. He […]

by Ryersonian Staff· · Opinion, Voices
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