Quebec charter threatens us all

By: Maham Abedi When I first started wearing a hijab almost two years ago, I had one reservation. It wasn’t about the outfits in my closet I’d never get to wear again. It wasn’t about bearing the summer heat. It wasn’t even about never feeling the wind in my hair again. It was about the fear of discrimination. I was […]

by Maham Abedi· · Editorial, Opinion

Does reading week help or hurt students?

If you ask five Ryerson students how they spent their reading week, you’ll likely get the same five answers: sleeping. If you ask those same five Ryersonians how they’re feeling today, you’ll likely get a different answer: tired. At Ryerson, we get double the number of study breaks as most Canadian schools. So why aren’t we all feeling relaxed and […]

by Ryersonian Staff· · Editorial, Opinion

Kids should learn to cope with bullies

Kids can be mean. In fact, they can be vicious. They scare their peers, their siblings, and we have even seen them terrify adults. National calls for bullying awareness and school initiatives are not working. If they were, Saskatchewan teen Todd Loik’s epitaph wouldn’t read: bullied to death. Loik is the latest casualty in the war against bullies. His name […]

by Emma Jarratt· · Opinion
The new CS100, which Porter hopes to fly from the island airport. Courtesy Bombardier.

Porter can have its jets and fly them, too

Hopping on a streetcar, walking into a bright new terminal downtown and flying to Vancouver would be nothing short of a dream for Toronto-based students, travellers and commuters. But it’s a dream that the city has been doing its best to step on for years. Porter Airlines is in hot water again. Having once survived the wrath of Toronto’s previous […]

by Mitchell Cohen· · Opinion
Editorial Cartoon: October 9, 2013

Editorial Cartoon: October 9, 2013

By Mitchell Cohen and Josh Kolm

by Mitchell Cohen· · Editorial Cartoon, Opinion
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