Photo courtesy of Julia Knope

VOICES: Just keep running

It’s a dark, cool morning before school and I remember thinking to myself, ‘why the hell am I not in bed right now?’ — minus the hell because I was about 12 and still maintained the youthful innocence of Grease’s Sandy before she met Danny. It’s about 5 degrees Celsius and I’m jogging in my usual attire – long black […]

by Julia Knope· · Opinion, Voices
Photo courtesy of Janine Maral Tascioglu

VOICES: Who’s your #GirlBoss?

My grandmother was a girl boss in a time when being a girl boss was unheard of. Travelling with her nine-month old baby, she moved from Istanbul to Germany — a country she had never been to — to build a better life. She had grown up in Eastern Turkey, then moved to Istanbul as a young teen. Today, she […]

by Janine Maral Tascioglu· · Opinion, Voices
VOICES: Say my name right, please

VOICES: Say my name right, please

My name is four letters and two syllables long. By all means, it’s not difficult to pronounce. There are only so many ways you could say it. Yet in my 22 years of life, I have heard every single possible variation of it. From Na-da to Niy-da to Na-dia, my four-letter name has confused more people than I could ever […]

by Nida Omar· · Opinion, Voices
VOICES: I found my fantasyland on the ice

VOICES: I found my fantasyland on the ice

Joannie Rochette, Nancy Kerrigan, Kristi Yamaguchi, Tessa Virtue; I wish I could add my name to the list of figure skaters who made it to the Olympics. I was only four years old when my feet were laced up into white boots with thin razor sharp blades to stand on. My nose was runny, my hands were numb, but my […]

by Chelsea Lecce· · Opinion, Voices
VOICES: Coming out as bisexual

VOICES: Coming out as bisexual

Growing up, I always felt like I was somewhat out of place, and understanding my feelings was a big challenge. I was bisexual and afraid to talk about my sexuality. At the age of 14, I knew something was starting to change. I would look at a boy, and I would think he was cute. Then I’d look at a […]

by Kayla Paixao· · Opinion, Voices
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