Photo by Sahar Khan

VOICES: Why Qatar should be on everyone’s bucket list

When I was 17 years old, my big sister made a life-changing decision to move across the globe to Qatar, a small country in the Middle East. Many people experience falling in love with countries like France or Italy and take trips back there any chance they can get—but for me, it is this small, humble country called Qatar that […]

by Sahar Khan· · Opinion, Voices
Serena Lalani, March 2017, in Cinque Terre, Italy. Photo courtesy of Serena Lalani

VOICES: Next stop: everywhere

When I was 15, my parents took me to Rome and insisted that we wait an hour to get into the Vatican.  I whined about the heat, the lack of Wi-Fi and the long line. When we finally shuffled inside, the conditions weren’t much better. Hundreds of tourists stood in awe looking up at the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. […]

by Serena Lalani· · Opinion, Voices
Photo courtesy of Julia Knope

VOICES: Just keep running

It’s a dark, cool morning before school and I remember thinking to myself, ‘why the hell am I not in bed right now?’ — minus the hell because I was about 12 and still maintained the youthful innocence of Grease’s Sandy before she met Danny. It’s about 5 degrees Celsius and I’m jogging in my usual attire – long black […]

by Julia Knope· · Opinion, Voices
Photo courtesy of Janine Maral Tascioglu

VOICES: Who’s your #GirlBoss?

My grandmother was a girl boss in a time when being a girl boss was unheard of. Travelling with her nine-month old baby, she moved from Istanbul to Germany — a country she had never been to — to build a better life. She had grown up in Eastern Turkey, then moved to Istanbul as a young teen. Today, she […]

by Janine Tascioglu· · Opinion, Voices
VOICES: Say my name right, please

VOICES: Say my name right, please

My name is four letters and two syllables long. By all means, it’s not difficult to pronounce. There are only so many ways you could say it. Yet in my 22 years of life, I have heard every single possible variation of it. From Na-da to Niy-da to Na-dia, my four-letter name has confused more people than I could ever […]

by Nida Omar· · Opinion, Voices
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