Remembering the veteran in my life

Remembering the veteran in my life

Every year Canadians go through the motions of Remembrance Day — wear the poppy, stand for two minutes of silence, and for some, attend ceremonies, reciting a rendition of In Flanders Fields in their heads. More important than the ceremonies are the people they are about and the sacrifices they made for our freedom. I think we know this. But […]

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Following in my father’s footsteps

Following in my father’s footsteps

By Allan Perkins Ryersonian Staff In the late 1980s, the Blue Jays were supposed to play an exhibition game in San Juan, Puerto Rico to honor the late Hall-of-Famer Roberto Clemente. Dave Perkins – my dad and a Ryerson alumnus – was travelling with the team to cover the game. He worked as a sportswriter for the Globe and Mail […]

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Depression can affect anyone, and it can be incredibly hard to shake. Peter Lozinski / Ryersonian Staff

The never-ending battle against depression

In 2009 I was diagnosed with depression. It was around then that I realized the way I was feeling was in no way normal. Apparently, it isn’t normal to be convinced everyone hates you. Apparently, it isn’t normal to outwardly loathe yourself. Apparently, it isn’t normal to wish yourself out of existence. They said it would get better. It did. […]

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Miles from home, don’t sweat the small stuff

Miles from home, don’t sweat the small stuff

I like to think of myself as an adaptable, easy-going person.  A person who is not stressed out by everyday things like changes in plans. A person who can roll with it. But during December 2010 I found myself in a situation that tested my last nerve. I was stuck the week before Christmas, along with 100,000 other people, at […]

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A Filipino boat (bangka). This tourist bangka is bigger and more luxurious than the one Marie Alcober escaped on.

Facing my past in the Philippines

When I was 12, I survived a terrorist attack off the coast of Corregidor Island in the northern Philippines. At the time, I didn’t know it was a terrorist attack. I only knew three things for sure: it was the dead of night, the boat I was on was on fire, and I thought I was going to die. I […]

by Marie Alcober· · Opinion, Voices
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