Ryerson student Julia Lloyd reflects on her struggles with her eating disorder. (Photo by Milca Kuflu)

VOICES: Finding my way out

CW: This article deals with issues of eating disorders. 

I didn’t realize I had an eating disorder until I noticed myself skipping every meal.

by Julia Lloyd· · Opinion, Voices
Josh Cupit looks at the chained up bikes at the Ryerson Student Union building. (Natasha Hermann)

VOICES: Biking outside the lines

I broke my rib mountain biking last month. It was raining, and I took more speed into a stubby berm than the slick clay allowed. Ribs collided with gnarled tree roots, and the weaker of the two snapped. I kept on riding, of course. I was only a quarter of the way through my route, so turning around seemed silly. The next week, I returned to the same trail, as it rained and at night. It was fun.

by Ryersonian Staff· · Opinion, Voices
VOICES: J-School’s fatal flaw

VOICES: J-School’s fatal flaw

If we’re being honest, journalism is a calling. We play doctor with words, and magic with ideas; finding creative ways to tell stories that’ve been told a thousand times, or new ways to engage with a story for the first.

by Matthew Amha· · Opinion, Voices
"Paul had no access to informative accounts of Jesus’ teachings aside from fluid oral accounts. Not that the gospels are a 100 per cent accurate account of Jesus’ life, anyway." (Courtesy of Michael D'alimonte)

VOICES: Finding a more honest Christianity

If you’re a Christian who believes you must attend church to be faithful, repent your sins to a priest and criticize the beliefs of others simply because they’re different than yours, I’m sorry to say it, but you got Christianity all wrong.

by Michael D'Alimonte· · Opinion, Voices
Photo by Evan Manning

VOICES: False awakenings, my nightmares

In October of 2016, I wrote an article detailing sleep paralysis, the terrifying phenomenon where one “wakes up” within a dream, unaware that they are still dreaming, with the inability to move.

In that article, I briefly mentioned a separate phenomenon of dreaming called false awakenings. For those of you who have never experienced it, here is a look into what false awakenings consist of, and my experiences dealing with them.

by Evan Manning· · Opinion, Voices
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