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Garbage, theft and loud music: Roommate horror stories

Frosh is over, school’s in full swing and by now you might be realizing that your new roommate isn’t exactly what you signed up for.

The idea of the made-for-TV roommate who becomes your best friend has been shattered, and maybe now you don’t even talk to yours.

by Josie Mills· · Arts & Life, students
The wellness centre has been held up for a year but will be operational in the basement of the SCC in January, said RSU president Susanne Nyaga. (Photo by Aidan Macnab)

Wellness centre to open next semester

After a year-long delay, renovations that violated building codes and thousands of dollars paid by the Ryerson Students’ Union (RSU), a mental health support centre will finally open next semester.

Former RSU president, Obaid Ullah, said that the current administration is accusing the previous one of fumbling with the renovations for political reasons. He said the code violations were due to the work not being completed, as he and former vice-president of student life, Harman Singh chose to pause the renovations in order to pay back students for the 6Fest debacle.

by Aidan Macnab· · Health, News, On Campus, students
Erick DeLaurentis waved the flag high and proud to kick off the Invictus Games taking place in Toronto. Ryerson was the last stop on the tour before the flag was raised at city hall on Sept. 22. (Photo by Julie Faye Germansky)

PHOTO GALLERY: Invictus flag tour comes to the MAC

The Invictus Games first took place in London, England in 2014 as a demonstration of the strength of soldiers and veterans. Three years later, it’s Toronto’s turn to host the games. Over 500 competitors from 17 countries will compete between September 23-30.

by Julie Germansky· · News, On Campus, Sports, students
RSU (Photo by

RSU trains staff to use naloxone after university decides not to

The RSU has equipped its equity service staff with naloxone kits after the Ryerson administration’s decision not to provide them to campus security personnel. Some equity staff have already been trained at the Sherbourne Health Centre to use the antidote for opiate overdoses. Others will undergo training soon, according to Camryn Harlick, the RSU’s vice-president of equity. “Ideally, we’re looking […]

by Aidan Macnab· · News, On Campus, students
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Amazon bid could mean big things for Ryerson

Toronto is in the running to become the site for a second Amazon headquarters, and if the city wins the bid, it’ll mean big things for Ryerson University students. Amazon promises a US$5 billion construction investment to the winning city and as “many as 50,000 high-paying jobs,” the company said in a press release. 50,000 jobs and +$5B in investment – […]

Ryerson introduces new platform to bolster your resumé  

Ryerson introduces new platform to bolster your resumé  

Third-year Ryerson student Musa Raveendran didn’t realize being an uncle would add value to his resumé. But with the help of Student Life’s new program “Level Up,” Raveendran said the program helped him recognize the valuable transferable skills, such as organization, time management and innovation, he’s developed through being an uncle. “Using these various forms of documentation, I was able […]

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Naloxone can temporarily reverse an opioid overdose for up to 90 minutes. (Kayla Douglas/Linsey Raschkowan/Ryersonian)

No naloxone kits for campus security, residence leaders

By Alexis Perikleous and Victoria McMurchy Despite Toronto’s growing opioid crisis, neither Ryerson security nor residence officials have been given the easy-to-use antidote that could prevent overdose deaths. Kits containing that antidote – naloxone – are not being made available, according to university president Mohamed Lachemi. “Our staff is really trained to deal with emergency situations,” said Lachemi in an […]

by Ryersonian Staff· · News, Off Campus, On Campus, Security, students
Views from the farm: Tour Ryerson’s rooftop garden

Views from the farm: Tour Ryerson’s rooftop garden

  Ryerson’s urban farm and environmental green roof is on a mission to grow food to feed the city. The Andrew and Valerie Pringle environmental green roof can be found on top of the George Vari Engineering and Computing Centre. On any given day, you can find students and staff harvesting the garden while surrounded by the constant construction of […]

Students, faculty gather for RTA prof outside hospital

Students, faculty gather for RTA prof outside hospital

Students and faculty from Ryerson University gathered at Sunnybrook Hospital on Saturday to visit RTA professor Dana Lee. The popular professor, who is currently receiving medical treatment, is no longer able to teach at Ryerson. Supporters said they were pleasantly surprised when Lee came outside to speak with the group. Laura Dittmann, a former RTA student, was in attendance on […]

by Jacob Cappe· · News, Off Campus, On Campus, students
Brampton expansion ‘exciting direction’ for Ryerson: Lachemi

Brampton expansion ‘exciting direction’ for Ryerson: Lachemi

Ryerson University president Mohamed Lachemi says plans to expand a campus to Brampton will mark a new and exciting direction for the school. Lachemi told the Ryersonian Monday that a proposal for a shared campus with Sheridan College is not just a way to deal with the space crunch that Ryerson’s downtown Toronto campus faces. He said it also sets […]

Ryerson joins Toronto universities in U-Pass campaign

Ryerson joins Toronto universities in U-Pass campaign

For the first time in a decade, Toronto students are seeking a new post-secondary Metropass deal. Student unions at University of Toronto, Ryerson, OCAD University and George Brown College are campaigning for a transit “U-Pass,” which would be paid for in ancillary fees every semester. The pass, if implemented, would be cheaper than the current post-secondary Metropass that the TTC […]

by Iris Robin· · News, Off Campus, On Campus, students
How to be cheap in Toronto

How to be cheap in Toronto

  Whether you live on- or off-campus, every student should try to find ways to save money while going to school. If you live on-campus, chances are you can cut the cost of your living expenses with a meal plan, the nearby campus store and having roommates willing to split the costs of household items. If you live off-campus, things […]

Metro began selling beer on Sept. 4. 
(Kayla Douglas/Ryersonian)

On-campus Metro now sells beer and cider

By: Maggie Macintosh and Victoria McMurchy Beer is a few steps closer to Pitman Hall. Metro now sells alcohol from 9 a.m. to 11 p.m. Monday through Saturday and 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Sundays. “I think people will just get fucked up because it’s right beside us and Metro is open pretty late,” said bio-medical engineering student Binh […]

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Ryersonian file photo.

Ryerson could one day see sustainable campus wear on its shelves

Senior-year Ryerson students say their proposal for sustainable campus T-shirts is a realistic possibility.

The controversial Niagara Falls student film

The controversial Niagara Falls student film

From our April 6 broadcast, Justin Bellmore reports on the controversy around the Ryerson student film, “As Niagara Falls.”

What would you do if you saw bullying on campus?

What would you do if you saw bullying on campus?

We wanted to see how Ryerson students would react if they witnessed bullying on campus. Watch to see what happens.

by Ryersonian Staff· · students, Videos
Ryerson students gather for impromptu hip-hop lessons

Ryerson students gather for impromptu hip-hop lessons

The Ryerson University Hip-Hop Union wants to grow its Ryerson presence.

Hanne Jovin is a fourth-year film studies student and the director of Erika. (Robyn Bell/ Ryersonian)

Students to Watch: Fourth-year film student retells her grandmother’s WWII past

Fourth-year film studies student Hanna Jovin is the director of her thesis project, Erika, a short film about her grandmother in Bosnia during the Second World War.

Students to Watch: Fourth-year RTA student empowers women in podcast

Students to Watch: Fourth-year RTA student empowers women in podcast

Best Practice makes perfect for budding photographer and podcaster Taylor Reynolds.

Designer Millie Yates standing in one of Ryerson's fashion labs wearing a jacket she designed. (Julia Ho/Ryersonian Staff)

UPDATED: Fashion student Millie Yates creates designs aimed at the taller woman

” … I like this tension between the known and the unknown, and that’s what I play on in my collection a little bit.”

Student debt got you down? Don’t worry, it’ll only take you 20 years to pay it off!

Student debt got you down? Don’t worry, it’ll only take you 20 years to pay it off!

What students owe when they leave school affects not only them, but also the economy, according to the Canadian Federation of Students.

Ryerson ranks second on sugar baby website

Ryerson ranks second on sugar baby website

Ryerson University currently has the highest total number of student sugar baby signups in 2017 so far.

Toronto Mayor John Tory at the Impact Challenge. (Jessica Vomiero/Ryersonian Staff)

DMZ alumni startup wins big with Google

A tech company that was born in Ryerson University’s DMZ has received $750,000 from Google for its digital education technology.

Enactus Ryerson is changing the world one competition at a time

Enactus Ryerson is changing the world one competition at a time

Last Year, Enactus Ryerson placed second overall at Nationals. This year, they’re ready for the challenge.

Celina Morris, first-year media production

Humans of Ryerson

“Media is the only thing that I actually like.”

Jaslin Gosal, a fourth-year biology student, walking down Church Street. (Alex Pankratz/Ryersonian Staff)

Humans of Ryerson

“I not only got an education but I also learnt a lot about being a better person.”

Ryerson University is  interested in tracking diversity on campus through a race-based survey despite some privacy concerns.(Ryersonian file photo)

Ryerson will begin collecting race-based data from students

Students will be able to voluntarily input and update their information at any time.

by Monique Jagpal· · News, Off Campus, On Campus, students
Dara Jarallah holding her cheque for $25,000 as one of the two winners. (Courtesy

Two Ryerson students walked away with $25,000 to build their startups

Dara Jarallah and Ameer Asghar hope their wins expand the reach of their businesses.

Zobia Qureshi, fourth-year business and technology management program student, in the Library building. (Alex Pankratz/Ryersonian Staff)

Humans of Ryerson

“My next job is 9 to 5 so just being in university, you don’t appreciate the freedom you have.”

Watch us get rejected 29 times

Watch us get rejected 29 times

#nationalsorrycharlieday is a day to think about all the times you’ve been rejected. We tried to get people to tell us their rejection stories, but we ended up getting rejected instead.

(Ryersonian file photo)

6 Fest, the Wellness Centre and $1.2 million deficit: RSU questioned by students at annual general meeting

The meeting did not reach quorum but the 35 Ryerson students who attended the RSU’s annual general meeting questioned the board’s decisions.

by Lauren Malyk· · News, On Campus, Politics, students
Kevin Cordick, a Ryerson client support technician, working at the university's Equipment Distribution Centre. (Alex Pankratz/Ryersonian Staff)

Humans of Ryerson

“It is a modern university in a modern world and it really blends in with the city around it.”


The travel ban through a Muslim student’s eyes

As Ryerson’s school of urban planning cancels its U.S. trips, a Muslim urban planning student tells her story.

Justin Bellmore recalls a time when he was about six as one of the first times his father realized he was colour-blind.

Roses are green, violets are purple?

The way I see the world through a colour-blind lens, and how I deal with it.

by Justin Bellmore· · Opinion, students, Voices

UPDATED: Ryerson grad is challenging Hollywood diversity in film

Rebeca Ortiz aims to tackle minority representation in films, starting with her upcoming short movie, Abuela.

Partners and organizers of the one-day Toronto event complimentary to the 2017 annual Ashoka U Exchange conference celebrate a successful turnout, including Jean-Paul Boudreau, social innovation’s special adviser (far right). (Luke Galati/Ryersonian Staff)

One more Ryerson group affected by U.S. travel ban

Ryerson’s social innovation provided an alternative for students who feared travelling to the U.S. amid travel ban.

Peter Haastrup is leading the charge to create a separate student union for graduate students. (Sarah Jackson /Ryersonian staff)

Leading the fight for a new graduate union

Graduate students say they want to represent themselves, and not rely on the RSU.

by Sarah Jackson· · News, On Campus, students
Students compete at the Social Good Hackathon at the Sandbox in the DMZ.  (Courtesy David Kwok/Sandbox DMZ)

UPDATED: Giving ‘hacking’ a good name

The word “hacking” usually has a negative connotation, but Ryerson’s hackathon event, hosted this weekend, showed the bright side to tech savviness.

by Emma Kimmerly· · DMZ, News, On Campus, students
(Ryersonian file photo)

RSU changes its definition of anti-Semitism

Members of the RSU have teamed up with Students Supporting Israel to support Jewish students on campus.

by Lauren Malyk· · News, On Campus, students
Ryerson’s Mars rover is up for the challenge

Ryerson’s Mars rover is up for the challenge

The Ryerson Rams Robotics are going to the 2017 University Rover Challenge in Utah this summer with their Mars rover to compete against 35 other universities.

Serena Dhillon, a second-year journalism student, in the Ryerson Communications Centre. (Alex Pankratz/Ryersonian Staff)

Humans of Ryerson

“Even though it is a university, we have to do a lot of practical thinking, we are so hands on.”

Money in Hands. (Courtesy of 401(K) 2012 via Flickr Creative Commons)

UPDATED: The pit of student debt continues to widen

In a recent report released by Ryerson’s Board of Governors, a 2015 study found that 57 per cent of Ryerson students graduated with debt.

by Alexandria Pankratz· · News, On Campus, students
Taylor Barker, first-year nursing student, Emily Fung, fourth-year nursing student and Jennifer Kirk, fourth-year nursing student in Ryerson's Student Learning Centre. (Alex Pankratz/Ryersonian Staff)

Humans of Ryerson

“We all just need to be friends with everyone. Everyone deserves a friend.”

Ryerson's Service Hub, taken on March 30, 2017. (Julia Ho/Ryersonian Staff)

How the 2016 federal budget will affect Ryerson students

The Board of Governors plans to increase student grant amounts by 50 per cent for the rest of this year, among other things.

by Lauren Malyk· · News, On Campus, students
Melody McMullan, a third-year creative industries student, at Ryerson's Service Hub. (Alex Pankratz/Ryersonian Staff)

Humans of Ryerson

“I know tons of information that I have learned here now about the university…”

Alyann Hookim-Baker, top right, third-year biomedical science student, in Ryerson's Student Learning Centre. (Alex Pankratz/Ryersonian Staff)

Humans of Ryerson

“Sometimes people don’t realize how easy it can be to save a life…”

The new bylaw will affect apartment buildings in Toronto like the one pictured above.  
(Brooklyn Neustaeter/Ryersonian Staff)

City of Toronto cracks down on bad landlords

City council approves new apartment bylaw to protect tenants, putting in regulations that will benefit student renters.

by Brooklyn Neustaeter· · News, Off Campus, students
An employee at Cannabis Culture’s Church Street location, prepares a joint on Mar. 8, 2017. (Courtesy Nathan Sing)

Poll: Students in the Faculty of Arts love their weed most

A recent Ryerson survey suggests that there are more weed smokers in the Faculty of Arts than in any other faculty, which reinforces the stereotype of the liberal arts and pot.

by Julia Ho· · News, On Campus, students
Seiji Morrison, third-year sociology student. (Alex Pankratz/Ryersonian Staff)

Humans of Ryerson

“The faculty and the variety of courses that are offered here at Ryerson are great.”

Brianne Spiker in Ryerson's Recreation and Athletics Centre. (Luke Galati/Ryersonian Staff)

Ice-cream sandwiches and gains

‘Three years ago, the RAC took a chance on a shy kid for the front desk.’

by Brianne Spiker· · jobs, Opinion, Sports, students, Voices
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