Councillors react to Ford rant video

Another development in the Mayor Rob Ford saga brought a swift reaction from Toronto city councillors who used words like “disturbing,” “upsetting” and “sad” to describe the latest video of the mayor Thursday.

Ford addressed media shortly after the Toronto Star released a video of him swearing and ranting incoherently, and described his own state in the video as, “extremely, extremely inebriated.”

Councillor James Pasternak was one of the first councillors to address the video and was visibly disappointed.

Deputy Mayor Norm Kelly was less outwardly critical of the mayor and attributed the mayor’s outburst to a “private moment.” Kelly said he could not provide context at the time but the mayor was obviously disturbed.

Councillor John Parker said he hadn’t seen the video and declined a request to view it in front of reporters. Parker said the city continues to function fine but the mayor was in a “state of disgrace.”

Kelly spoke with Ford later in the day but said little to media except that the mayor was cognizant of the situation and wouldn’t address reporters any further throughout the day.

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