Growing pains: the SLC’s roof and windows have sprung a leak

The weather this week underlined some problems at the new Student Learning Centre.

After Wednesday’s heavy rainfall and gusty winds, a number of leaks were reported to Campus Facilities and Sustainability, custodians in the building say.

Water seeped through the windows after a heavy rainfall on Wedensday morning. (Nitish Bissonauth / Ryersonian Staff)

Water seeped through the windows after a heavy rainfall on Wednesday morning. (Nitish Bissonauth / Ryersonian Staff)

“Everyone was pretty shocked. It happened so fast and within an hour we were getting lots of calls about the leaks,” said one custodian who does not wish to be identified.

Another custodian added that this is the first time leaks have been discovered.

“The rain is testing the building and it looks like the seams aren’t sealed properly.”

The water was seen seeping in from a few glass joints and drops of water forced SLC staff to place buckets and signs on various levels of the building.

Jessica Valeny, a secondyear journalism student, was on the seventh floor when she noticed a puddle of water in front of a glass window overlooking Yonge Street. She was asked to temporarily move in order for staff to clean up the water.

Water dripping from the cieling that collected on a chair in the SLC. (Nitish Bissonauth / Ryersonian Staff)

Water dripping from the ceiling collected on a chair in the SLC. (Nitish Bissonauth / Ryersonian Staff)

“It wasn’t a small leak, it was a sizeable puddle” said Valeny. “That really surprised me considering the SLC is the newest building on campus. It’s pretty disappointing to find out that a building  students waiting so long for could be so faulty.”

The custodians said the leaks are an inconvenience and takes the staff away from the long list of tasks they perform.

Most importantly, he and his colleagues are concerned for the safety of the students as the puddles pose a risk for slips and falls.

But the leaks aren’t the only problems the SLC is facing.

Custodians say the washroom drains overflow, the water fountains also have leaks and the unisex washrooms have faulty locks.

Outside the door, the sign that says “occupied” lights up, but you can still open the door, said a custodian.

Twitter occasionally has been alight with complaints about the elevators since the day the SLC opened.

Last week, a student complained about being trapped in one elevator for about a half-hour.

Campus Facilities and Sustainability did not reply for comment before publication.

More to come.

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