How to save for spring break

Following these seven easy steps could lead you to a spring break vacation. (Shannon Cuciz / Ryersonian Staff

Following these seven easy steps could lead you to a spring break vacation. (Shannon Cuciz / Ryersonian Staff)

After working hard all year, it’s time to leave the winter blues behind and soak up the sun. Here are six tips to try when saving up for spring break:

1. Cut the coffee

If you get a morning coffee, you’ll probably want a muffin or doughnut, too, which means spending around $5 per day. That’s $35 per week that could be put toward a spring break vacation.

2. Stop shopping

Think of all the money spent on clothes that have only been worn once. Staying away from the mall for a few weeks could mean saving hundreds of dollars.

3. Pack a lunch

It’s the cheaper and healthier option. A new meal every day adds up. At least $5 a day could be saved by packing your own food.

4. Take extra shifts

Putting in extra hours at work is a big step toward saving for spring break. The sunny weather will make all those long days worth the effort.

5. Sell the clutter

There are stores that pay money for used clothing, books and equipment. Earning money by cleaning out a closet has never been easier.

6. Stay in

A few suggestions: watching a movie at home instead of going to the theatre; cooking a homemade meal instead of going out for dinner, or staying away from the bar.

7. Public transportation

It’s the cheaper, more eco-friendly option. Instead of hailing a cab, take the subway, streetcar or local bus.

Posting pictures of a tropical spring break destination on your wall will be a constant reminder of why these minor sacrifices will be worth it.

 This story was first published in The Ryersonian, a weekly newspaper produced by the Ryerson School of Journalism, on February 5, 2014.

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