Humans of Ryerson 005

The Beach on the sixth floor of Ryerson University’s Student Learning Centre is a gathering place to study, chat or even take a quick nap. With a large number of students occupying the floor, it’s easy to get lost in the sea of people.

Here are some sea creatures from different years and programs that inhabit the beach floor:

Brianna Rayson, First-year social work

(Photo by Ammi Parmar)

“I’ve had friends that have gone through the system and had to work with social workers. I’ve seen how it’s helped them and how it’s failed them. I’ve had friends who have suffered from pretty serious addiction, that have had a lot of mental health issues and have been in and out of hospitals. I’ve had family members that have passed away from that [and saw] how that really affects them. I want to make it easier for people and for them to know that there are people that do care for them still, that there are people that are willing to help them.”

Joanna Ho, Second-year fashion design

(Photo by Ammi Parmar)

“Fashion is a nice balance between art and technical skills. The art you create, [but] it still needs to fit on the body and every design detail has purpose.”

Aly Sernoskie, Second-year graphic communications management

(Photo by Ammi Parmar)

“I’ve always liked art, but then I wanted to do a more practical major compared to just art. I know how intense and hard the art industry is in the world. I’ve also always wanted to have some type of business knowledge if I ever want to start my own brand. Art was just always my thing. I would like to design my own packaging and everything.”

Diego Soto Rivero, Fourth-year entrepreneurship

(Photo by Ammi Parmar)

“I’ve always wanted to start something that I could say was of my own effort. That was the combination of my experience as an immigrant. I actually didn’t ever consider entrepreneurship but even in high school I wanted to do something for myself. The connections that you make with like-minded individuals are crucial to your own self development and should be cherished during the years you have in university. I’ve learned a lot from the people around me. I’ve seen people do harder things than I have and that’s been very motivating.”

Karin Kazakevich, Fourth-year media production

(Photo by Ammi Parmar)

“You know when they tell you, ‘you should go to school for what you love doing?’ For me it was always making movies and silly videos as a kid. Being able to create the vision that you have in your mind and turning it into something that is real and tangible, something that people can share and experience with you.”

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