Humans of Ryerson 006

On the second floor of the Podium building, you can find Ryerson’s Service Hub, the Hub Café and large groups of students and alumni eating, studying or simply chatting.

Here are some peas on this side of the POD.

Meilin Ma, First-year journalism

(Photo by Ammi Parmar)

“I have many years of experience in journalism, the only difference is that I was working in China. I never knew the Western way. The biggest challenge has been the language. English is not my first language, and for journalism you have to know the language really well. So the writing part has been a big difficulty for me.”

Samuel Chow, First-year business management

(Photo by Ammi Parmar)

“My last degree was in philosophy and this degree I decided to do business. There’s not many career choices for philosophy. I enjoyed the whole intellectual part of [philosophy]. It gives you a pretty good world vision.”

Oleanne D’Souza, Fifth-year business technology management

(Photo by Ammi Parmar)

“I was always a really logical person. I knew I didn’t want to do science. I really like numbers. I hadn’t explored the technology side as much until later on and I think that’s what drew me to it, the interweaving of business and technology. I think everyone needs to learn how to code for any program whatsoever. Technology is what we’re breathing. I think the only way to speak the language is to learn how the systems work.”

Jasmin Kalaw, Third-year geographic analysis

(Photo by Ammi Parmar)

“I’ve really enjoyed working around on computers and working on my own. I guess it makes me feel independent and [there’s the] sense of accomplishment that, ‘I did this on my own with minimal help.’”

Kamini Murthy-Korteweg, Production graduate 2014 and volunteer at Ryerson

(Photo by Ammi Parmar)

“The second-year actors do a Shakespeare program, so I’m an understudy for the director. It’s been eye-opening. You’re basically watching humans learning how to be humans via acting. You’re learning how to breath, how to react with people, how to move with energy, how to do all sorts of things while simultaneously learning complex text. I don’t really care about being paid as long as I’m doing the work, so I come back every year.”  

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