Humans of Ryerson 011

Ryerson University is known for seeking innovative solutions to real-world problems. However, it looks like its students are still concerned about issues we hear about every day – such as equality, open-mindedness and unity.

Here are some Ryerson students talking about the change in the world they would like to see.

Asli Ozuak, first-year, performance production 

Photo by Amanda Skrabucha.

“The way we treat the environment is a big issue. If more people were more conscious about it, and if we educated young people more about it, that could definitely be a right step to a better future.”

Jeff Feltham, first-year, graphic communications management

Photo by Amanda Skrabucha.

“I think the sense of unity amongst the youth [should be changed] to encourage our sense of purpose here. I feel like we get lost with the rather stupid adults running things around sometimes. I think we lose [sight of] the fact that one day we will be the general population of people who will be running the world. I think it’s important to spread out this message, we are here for the long run all together – more unity, more love, more creativity. We are the youth, we got to do it right and be a change as a whole.”   

Nadeya Alli, first-year, business management 

Photo by Amanda Skrabucha.

“A change that I want to see in the world is more open-mindedness towards diversity and acceptance of different cultures and people.”  

Renee Bazil, first-year, social work

Photo by Amanda Skrabucha.

“[I want to see] people [be] less self-absorbed. They can change that by interacting with other people more, not sticking to themselves and looking at everything from a bad point of view. Just be more optimistic.”

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