Mayor Rob Ford notoriety spreads to east coast

By Victor Ferreira and Arman Aghbali

Ryersonian Staff

Mayor Rob Ford's notoriety has spread across Canada.

Mayor Rob Ford’s notoriety has spread across Canada.

After recently admitting to smoking crack cocaine in a drunken stupor, being the star of a video bought by the Toronto Star in which he threatens murder, and being the subject of unproven allegations in a police investigation that reveal links to prostitution and drugs, Ford has become infamous.

On a recent trip to Fredericton, N.B. last week to cover the CIS men’s soccer national tournament, The Ryersonian decided to test Ford’s infamy. Polling students on what they knew about the embattled mayor, The Ryersonian discovered Toronto cannot be brought up in Fredericton without conversation turning to the Ford drama.

Nick Murray, editor-in-chief of The Brunswickan, a weekly student newspaper, said Mayor Ford’s behaviour is unacceptable but ceded that his personal life may not matter.

“Would I want a mayor like that? If he can do his job and stay up to his promises then whatever he does in his personal life is up to him.”

Bronté James, sports editor of The Brunswickan, was a bit more harsh and said she doesn’t understand how Ford Nation continues to support the mayor despite his recent admissions.

“I would not want him as a mayor in my city and I think it’s ridiculous his popularity has gone up 5 per cent since announcing he does crack cocaine.”

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