New restaurant comes to campus

By Alexis Perikleous and Victoria McMurchy

A restaurant new to Ryerson’s campus is every chickpea lover’s dream.

Located at 113 Bond St., The Hummussiah is one of the only restaurants in Toronto to specialize in warm hummus.

“That’s our thing here and that’s what we do best,” said Tom Levi, the manager and owner of The Hummussiah.

Courtesy of The Hummussiah via Facebook

In addition to warm hummus, what sets the restaurant apart is their menu, which consists of 95 per cent vegetarian and vegan options.

When looking for warm hummus in Toronto, Levi couldn’t find any restaurants to satisfy his cravings. After getting some friends together and experimenting with their own homemade hummus, The Hummussiah was born.

The restaurant has been open for just over a month and business has slowly been picking up now that Ryerson students are back on campus.

“We wanted a young, really chill environment, and we think the customers in this area are really going to help with that,” Levi said.

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Chelsy Ubaldo, a fourth-year film student at Ryerson, likes having a restaurant right on campus and across the street from the Image Arts Building.

“I don’t eat meat, which is really good that they have falafel. [Levi] convinced me to try sabich, which is what I get all the time now,” said Ubaldo.

Sabich is a traditional Mizrahi Jewish sandwich that is popular in Israel. It consists of a pita stuffed with fried, salted eggplant and hard boiled eggs.

Levi’s goal is to keep prices affordable for his customers.

“We tried to come up with a price point that wouldn’t require students to get any special discounts,” he said, “but would always be pretty cheap and we’re doing our best not to move from that.”

Levi graduated from the University of Toronto, Mississauga campus with a degree in business management and uses his background in business to help run the restaurant. He said he’s always coming up with ideas on how to expand the business.

“We want to slowly expand to other locations in the area, do Uber deliveries and even serve breakfast,” he said.

The Hummussiah is open Monday to Friday from 9:30 a.m. to 7 p.m.

See our interview with owner Tom Levi

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