Rack ‘em up: Improved bike parking at Rye

Bikes are seen parked on trees, poles and railings around campus. (Kemeisha McDonald)

Bikes are seen parked on trees, poles and railings around campus. (Kemeisha McDonald)

Ryerson University Business Services (UBS) will outline a plan to improve bike parking on campus today.

The Public Realm Plan will examine bike parking as a part of campus design, transportation and parking strategy. The plan will also focus on safety and accessibility “to better define and enhance our public spaces,” said UBS in an email. “We want to install new bicycle parking that will be well-used and fit in with our long-term planning, rather than installing them (for one purpose only).”

According to UBS, there are about 1,150 bicycle parking spaces at Ryerson. About 2,700 students and faculty members cycle to campus every day.

“Not everyone is accessing campus on a bike at the same time. This results in availability of bike parking on some days and very little availability on others,” said UBS.

The amount of available space varies depending on the campus area. For example, Gould Street is an area of high demand for Ryerson cyclists, so there aren’t many free bicycle parking spaces during busy school hours.

(Google Maps)

Map of available bike parking areas at Ryerson. (Kemeisha McDonald)

There are also spots near the Rogers Communications Centre and Pitman Hall that aren’t used as often, said UBS, meaning current bike parking spaces don’t accurately reflect their location’s traffic.

To improve bike parking on campus, UBS said that they have to factor in the type of parking spaces needed, where on campus to install them and whether or not they’ll be used enough to warrant their installation.

UBS said installing new bike parking spaces is a shared responsibility between Ryerson University and the City of Toronto. Both president Mohamed Lachemi and Kristyn Wong-Tam, Ward 27 councillor, will attend  the unveiling of the new parking spaces.

The change comes after Ryerson students also expressed concerns about the lack of available bike parking. Bikes can often be seen parked along railings, poles and trees on campus, none of which are designated parking spots.


Bike rack on Gould Street. (Kemeisha McDonald)

Third-year creative industries student, Lavinia Tanzim, said that finding a place to park a bike at Ryerson is a hassle.

“It seems to me that there’s a lot more bikes than there are (parking spaces), so that’s kind of challenging,” said Tanzim. “A lot of the time I come to campus it takes me, like, 10 minutes to find a place to lock my bike.”

According to a statement the UBS made over email, UBS will “continue to speak to cyclists to understand their needs. Staff across departments at Ryerson have been meeting throughout the summer to discuss the topic of cycling and bicycle parking and we intend to continue to do so.”

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