RSU health and dental refund cheques ready for pickup

Students line up to collect their cheques in the Tecumseh Auditorium on Nov. 11 (Alexandra Sanders/Ryersonian Staff).

Students line up to collect their cheques in the Tecumseh Auditorium on Nov. 11 (Alexandra Sanders/Ryersonian Staff).

Who couldn’t use some extra spending money before the holidays?

Monday was the first day for Ryerson students to pick up their health and dental opt-out cheque from the RSU, which is  great, if you have the time.

Students who opt out of both plans are reimbursed $300. Cheque disbursements are taking place at Tucumseh Auditorium and organized alphabetically by surname. Those unfortunately with last names starting J through M faced a huge line-up that snaked out the auditorium door at lunch time. Others moved through more quickly.

Megan Cinel is a first year performance production student, who was lucky enough to skip most of the line. “I jumped in the line; I figured I’d wait for a bit and then one of the (RSU) representatives came by and was asking (for) letters of last names,” she explained. When he was calling for students with surnames beginning with D through I, Cinel asked, “Well, how about C?” and was escorted to the front.

She only had to wait about five minutes in the noon hour.

Not everyone got in and out so quickly though. One of those students was Ryan James.

“It’s probably been about forty minutes or so,” he said, while looking down at his watch. He thought he’d be out in no time, expecting that most students wouldn’t come for their money on the first day of the pickups. “I figured the line would be shorter, but I guess that’s not the case.”

But perhaps more frustrating for those who waited in line was the discovery that their reimbursement cheque was not available.

Some students were handed a form instead of a cheque advising that their refund was not ready and would be mailed to them within the week. There is no way, however, for students to determine if their cheque will be mailed to them prior to lining up.

Students took to social media to complain that the process was disorganized.

Cinel thinks there should be an easier way for the RSU to organize cheque distribution, perhaps online.

So, why did these students come to collect their cheques on the first day they’re being refunded?

Simple, said Cinel: “So that I don’t forget. I just want to get it over with because I just want the money.”

This week, students can pick up their cheques Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday in the Student Campus Centre at 55 Gould St. from 10a.m. to 6p.m. For those who can’t spare the time this week, you can still grab yours at the Member Services Office in the same building during their regular office hours.

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