RSU’s semi-annual general meeting: 6 Fest, bike racks and more


The RSU will be holding a semi-annual general meeting on Nov. 29. (Ryersonian Archive)

The Ryerson Students’ Union (RSU) is having their semi-annual general meeting tomorrow where they will discuss campus issues like the budget of 6 Fest and anti-abortion protesters.  

“If you are a full time undergraduate student or a full or part time graduate student, come to the Anual General Meeting and discuss student issues, have your say on RSU campaigns and initiatives, and exercise your democratic right to vote,” says the RSU website.

Students will have a chance to discuss and vote on motions that could be carried out in the future by the RSU.  

The RSU released their meeting agenda last Friday. Here are some of the motions submitted by students that will be presented to vote on.  

Bicycle Racks

Issue: Cyclists resort to locking their bicycles to railings along the Library building and Nelson Mandela Walk because there aren’t enough bike racks on campus. 

Suggested Solution: The RSU buy additional bike racks and place them in appropriate places along Gould St. and Bond St.

Pool Tables in the Ram in the Rye

Issue: The added cost of $2.00 for billiards per game makes it harder for students to enjoy going to the bar. It also creates inequality for students who can’t afford it.

Suggested Solution: The RSU should encourage the Ram in the Rye to make billiards free and increase costs in other services at the Ram in the Rye to compensate for lost potential revenue.

Hot Water Dispensers

Problem: There is a lack of visible and accessible hot water dispensers for the student body.

Suggested Solution: The RSU should buy an additional hot water dispenser and put it an accessible place like the 1st floor podium near The Hub Café.

6 Fest

Issue:  The RSU has not outlined their reported budget of $1.5 million dollars for 6 Fest.

Suggested Solution: The RSU should provide a full report of all sponsorship streams and ticket sales before the Annual General Meeting next April. The report should include the amount of money paid out to those who requested a refund and a breakdown of how many general members purchased tickets compared to the amount of non-members.

Anti-Abortion Protest

Issue: The RSU had not taken a stance on abortion or sought to remove the protesters. The constant display of graphic images from anti-abortion protesters is considered by many to be traumatizing for students and community, particularly those who have had abortions. 

Suggested Solution: The RSU declare they are pro-choice and work to remove anti-abortion campaigns and signage from the university.

The RSU semi-annual general meeting will take place from 6:00 p.m. to 9 p.m. at LIB-72 in the Library Building.

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