Ryerson curling club hosts first tryout

Curling coach Perry Marshall directs the team’s first tryout. (Jordan Mady/Ryersonian Staff)

The Ryerson curling team hosted its first tryout Thursday evening at Leaside Curling Club.

Prospective Rams curlers were evaluated on their ability to balance while pushing off the hack, throwing stones (or “rocks”), sweeping and making takeouts (throwing stones to hit opposing guard stones out of play).

Coach Perry Marshall said he saw promise from the group.

“There’s a lot of encouraging signs. First of all, we’ve got people who are keen, interested, (who) appear to want to put in that effort. We’ve variance in skill level. So, that will have to be addressed. But I’m encouraged after day one,” he said after the tryout.

Marshall intends to select five or six core curlers but is open to the idea of taking on players who need more practice, too.

“We may take some development athletes as well, that, at the end of day, will participate as part of the program and we will focus on their development. And they’ll be additional resources to drawn on,” he said.

Second-year business technology student Jacob Thielen competed with his high school team. The prospective curler was pleased about the experience.

“I think tonight went fairly well,” he said. “It’s a tryout. There’s always something that’s not going to go perfect.”

First-year professional communications student Corrina Serda said she enjoyed being part of a new process.

“I think it’ll be awesome to see curling come back to forefront. I just think it’s really fun to be a part of something where you’re pioneering and my program is only in its third year. No one’s graduated from it, yet. Being a part of something that’s new and exciting and different. It’s a lot of fun,” she said.

The team will compete in its first OUA tournament in February. Until then, it’ll participate in a competitive league at Leaside Curling Club after tryouts end on Sept. 27 .

Marshall said his initial focus is to help develop his team’s players.

“There’s a long time between now and February to work on athlete development and also to be able to position the right people places to be successful,” he said.

The second curling tryout will be held at Leaside Curling Club on Saturday Sept. 26 at 9 a.m. The Ryersonian will be on-hand to deliver you the latest coverage.

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