Ryerson discusses Islamophobia

In light of the recent news in Quebec and Ottawa, it seems only natural that a constant stream of news about Islam and the increasing prevalence of Islamophobia has been covered time and time again. Instead of covering the events themselves, we have decided to put news aside for a moment and consider who these situations affect, how it affects them and why it affects them:

Mariam Nouser is a second-year chemical engineering student who is half Egyptian and half Irish. She wore her hijab regularly for a year and a half before deciding to take it off after experiencing Islamophobia on various occasions.

Ryerson reporting religion professor Joyce Smith explains how the the media and the consumers have a role in the level of Islamophobia present.

To answer why it affects them, we speak with Ryerson psychology professor Becky Choma, who explains that fear is one of the emotional responses behind greater levels of Islamophobia.

Abdul Malik Mohammad, the vice-president of the Muslim Student Association gives his opinion on how this affects him and many others.

Listen to these clips from these individuals below. To find out more about Islamophobia and Mariam Nouser’s personal experience, check out Lauren Harris’ article titled The only home I’ve ever known.’

By: Rebecca Mattina and Lauren Harris

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