Ryerson’s best “lesser known” cheap eat spots

So you come to school every day and you eat the same food, huh? You spend money every week at McDonald’s, you say? Ha, that’s funny. Or Burrito Boyz? Delicious if you’re a burrito lover (side note — burritos are nasty). Panera Bread? C’mon guys, spruce it up. It’s about time that you start allowing your eating habits to feel love. Excite your taste buds.

Below, you will find spots to eat near campus that you may not have heard of. Most likely, you’ve never been to at least one or two of these restaurants, if not all of them. A lot of respect for Salad King, Banh Mi Boys, Ginger, and other Ryerson staples, but they’re just too well-known for this list.

All restaurants are located between Bay to Jarvis going east-west, and Queen to Wellesley going north-south.

Best of all, visiting these spots will not murder your wallet. You will leave not only feeling pleasantly stuffed, but satisfied with the comforting thought of your bank account still being intact. So, without further ado, here are the top “lesser known” cheap eat spots to visit around campus.

North of Brooklyn Pizzeria (469 Church St.) 

What to order: A slice of anything

Price: $4.20 – $4.40

Taste heaven in a bite at this tiny pizzeria located in the village. The spot is unassuming, as you have to walk downstairs to below ground level to enter. But once you’re inside, aromas of cheese and tomato will intoxicate you. You can’t go wrong with any slice – they will all fulfill your craziest pizza desires.

A slice of “Killer Bee” pizza ($4.40) from North Of Brooklyn. Toppings include: mozzarella, Calabrese sausage, pickled onions, serrano peppers and honey. (Photo by Evan Manning)

Three Little Pigs Sandwich Co. (15 Elm St.)

What to order: The jerk pork sandwich or the “TLP”

Price: $7.50 – $12

From the owners of Barberian’s Steakhouse came Three Little Pigs, one of the most underrated sandwich shops in the city. Every sandwich here is beautifully crafted and all of them clock in around $10. Do you want juicy jerk pork served on a soft bun with crunchy rice? Or how about some deliciously juicy and flavourful “momma’s meatloaf”? Who knew meatloaf could taste so delicious in a sandwich form?

“The Harrison” at Three Little Pigs Sandwich co. A steak patty topped with panko-crusted cheddar, finished with jalapeno/red-pepper relish and garlic aioli ($11.05). (Photo by Evan Manning)

Tacos 101 (101 Dundas St. E)

What to order: Fish taco, Carnitas taco

Price: $4 per taco (fish taco $4.50)

Want authentic Mexican street food near campus? Say no more! The fish taco and carnitas are the go-to here. They will have you feeling like you’ve just drunkenly stumbled upon an incredible taco stand while vacationing in Cancun. Once finished, you’ll awaken from your tunnel vision-induced food hallucinations and realize you’re just minutes away from campus.

The chicken adobo taco (left, $4.00) and fish taco (right, $4.50). (Photo by Evan Manning)

Hot Star Large Fried Chicken (374 Yonge St.)

What to order: Salt N’ Pepper Fried Chicken

Price: $9.99

The Taiwanese fried chicken chain came to Toronto in 2015. They’ve been serving up tender, crispy pieces of chicken larger than Dwight Schrute’s forehead ever since.

Fried chicken (9.99) from Hot-Star Large Fried Chicken. (Photo by Evan Manning)

Ethiopiques (227 Church St.)

What to order: Spicy beef with injera

Price: $9

The spicy beef stew with injera is a plentiful meal for under $10. This is the best Ethiopian food that you’ll find close to campus.

Not Just Noodles (570 Yonge St.)

What to order: Lunch combination dish

Price: $6.99

On the corner of Yonge and Wellesley, lies a Chinese spot that far surpasses Hong Shing, the ever-popular alternative for Ryerson students. In truth, Not Just Noodles may be a tad further than Hong Shing but the extra walking is an added incentive to eat a massive plate of noodles and deep fried hot n’ sour chicken. They have different lunch specials for every day of the week too. Get ready for your food comas.

A combination dish or noodles and sweet and sour chicken ($6.99) at Not Just Noodles. (Photo by Evan Manning)

Patties Express (4 Elm St.)

What to order: Spicy beef patties

Price: $2 per patty

The lack of students eating on Elm Street is suspicious. Do we even know of Patties Express and Three Little Pigs? Or are students just actively trying to avoid Elm Street for some unknown reason? You can get five beef patties for $10. That’s breakfast, lunch, and dinner folks!

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