Ryerson’s sustainability program launches campus-wide survey

Campus Facilities and Sustainability office looks toward a more sustainable Ryerson. (Ryersonian)

Campus Facilities and Sustainability office looks toward a more sustainable Ryerson. (Ryersonian)
















The Campus Facilities and Sustainability office launched a campus-wide survey on Wednesday to collect data for Ryerson’s Sustainability Matters program.

CF+S director Tonga Pham said the office hopes to hold the survey annually to get a better understanding of sustainability issues that are important to the university’s students, faculty and staff.

The first half of the survey will ask what communication tools best encourage community members to engage with the program. The CF+S is looking for effective ways to encourage campus groups to connect with their resources and staff.

“We don’t want to tell you what you should do for sustainability,” said Ellen Pitt, the Sustainability Matters volunteer team coordinator and website manager. “We want to be seen as a catalyst. We can put you in touch with the right people and we can help create a more sustainable campus.”

Pitt said depending on what the survey data reveals, CF+S will organize events and build projects around what the community cares about.

The second half of the survey will gather transportation and waste management data to help build a more accurate idea of the university’s overall carbon footprint.

Most of Ryerson’s carbon data is being tracked through the university’s spending. CF+S is working closely with the financial services office to gather data on how much is being spent on heating and cooling systems, paper consumption and other university operations.

However, Pham said the university’s financial statements cannot provide all the details they need to track the community’s transportation and waste management completely.

The CF+S office hopes the survey will provide more comprehensive data on these areas, such as the different modes of transportation community members are using or how waste is being managed within different university departments.

The survey will be available on the program’s website for about a month. After sufficient data has been collected, the CF+S office plans to release a report before the end of the fall semester.

The Sustainability Matters program was created by the CF+S office in 2012 to develop more sustainable operating practices and capital investment strategies for the university.

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