#RyeStyle Student Guide to Wardrobe Essentials

Style essentials are the building blocks of any wardrobe — the hard part is figuring out what to buy.

After speaking with students on campus and in the fashion program, we put together a list of eight items that all students should have in their wardrobes. Don’t feel pressured to buy the exact items we’ve chosen here, but they are pretty fabulous.

Trench Coat: Black or beige, belted or not, the trench coat is one of the most versatile coats available. It can be worn everyday, through any weather condition, and still manages to look sophisticated. We like it best in the traditional beige, but black has never failed us before.

Crewneck sweaters: Crewneck sweaters are a great essential for every wardrobe. They are great for layering and can be worn on top of a collared shirt for a casual, preppy look or if it’s a chilly day, slip one on over your T-shirt or dress to keep warm.

Blazer: A navy or black blazer is a perfect staple to dress up any look. Blazers can be worn with any trouser from jeans to slacks and can be worn over a simple T-shirt, collared shirt, or blouse. A blazer can be worn all year round, which is why we recommend a basic colour like black or navy.

Blouse/Collared Shirt: A structured blouse for women and a collared shirt for men can go a long way to upgrade your daily style from casual, campus style to a more professional, business-minded look. We recommend something that doesn’t need to be ironed (check the label) and focuses on basic colours.

Chinos: Jeans have a reputation for being simple and easy to wear, which is why we see them everywhere. Chinos are a great way to break up the monotony. We recommend starting off with a neutral colour but feel free to play around with other, brighter colours once you have the base in place.

Boots: Sneakers are fine but boots can be worn in any season and any occasion, from an interview to a night out. Your first pair of boots should be polished, leather (or faux leather for any vegans), either in dark brown or black, and, of course, comfortable.

Watch: A bold watch adds glamour to your outift. There are various styles and colours, but you can’t go wrong with a classic timepiece in gold, silver, or dark leather. We chose something from Fossil because its watches are relatively affordable, good quality, and well designed.

Bags: A good bag needs to do double duty, it needs to be small enough to not overpower your outfit but large enough to fit all of your stuff. Some people like to change up their bags pretty often but we prefer a bag that’s dedicated to school because it saves us precious time when dashing to early morning classes.

By Andrew Kalinchuk and Nicole Gabourie.

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