RyeStyle: Transitioning to fall


Czarina Martinez, Curtis O’land, Darren Brandt, Nicola Chaddock (Andrew Kalinchuk/Ryersonian)

1) Czarina Martinez: Performance Production

“My favourite piece is my kimono. It’s fresh and light, and I can just throw it on with whatever I wear. It works with everything.”

Cultural appropriation in fashion has always been slightly controversial. Martinez’s outfit had us wondering, will kimonos follow suit and have the same huge success that moccasins did? Regardless, her outfit was fashion forward and she pulled off the sleek, comfy look perfectly.

2) Curtis O’land: Fashion Design

“I was thinking, summer is almost coming to a close, you can feel that nip in the air. I wanted to wear a hat. Hats for guys are going to come in, big hats.”

It’s no surprise that a fashion student is dressed to impress. He brushed off his outfit as simply being casual and “nothing too special,” but we love his use of pastels and his subtle graphic T-shirt. We also loved his ponytail, even though he’s thinking of cutting it off.

3) Darren Brandt: Graphic Communications Management

“I just pick pieces that I think are cool. I don’t really worry if pieces are in style or not. If I like it, I wear it.”

Brandt’s clean-cut look was a blend of contemporary and vintage style. With his preppy outfit, we weren’t surprised to hear that his least-favourite trend is baggy tees and sweatpants. The colour clash of his blue button-up and green chinos is daring and eye-catching. His leather shoes and Ray-Bans tie his outfit together.

4) Nicola Chaddock: New Media/Radio and Television Arts

“My style is very gothy-chic. Not extremely gothic but slightly gothic … like Kat Von D, but then like the classier side, like Dita Von Teese, but not so much the burlesque side.”

We were instantly drawn to Chaddock when we spotted her walking across Lake Devo on campus. She had a very Buffy the Vampire Slayer look. The contrast between her all-black outfit and the pop of white in her shoes was definitely bold, but she rocked it effortlessly.

In the video below, Ryerson students talk about their fashion inspirations, personal styles and sartorial no-nos.

By Andrew Kalinchuk, Nicole Gabourie and Halla Imam

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